Metso Full portfolio Permanent cathodes
Metso permanent cathodes provide high efficiency and long-term performance, which is particularly essential in harsh copper electrowinning tankhouse environments. They feature a stainless-steel jacket to protect the copper core from corrosion and mechanical wear and tear, minimizing the total cost of ownership. Fully automated production and rigorous quality control ensures that all cathodes have equal performance and a long lifetime. Metso cathodes can be included with our proprietary direct-molded edge strip technology to extend maintenance intervals, further reducing maintenance costs.


  • High mechanical strength and corrosion resistance ensures a long lifetime and optimized total cost of ownership.
  • Design optimized for heavy-duty tankhouse material handling.
  • Maintenance interval of up to four years thanks to edge-strip technology.
  • Permanent cathode ID code enables condition-based monitoring and tracking.
  • Strict manufacturing quality control ensures consistent process performance.
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