Metso Full portfolio Process Feasibility Studies
Process Feasibility Studies

Process Feasibility Studies

Process Feasibility Studies will give you the support you need from an early project phase, in order to best assess your process options.

Our process feasibility studies evaluate the benefits of different process concepts and equipment alternatives. Our in-depth analysis includes site conditions and helps identify the optimal process solutions and critical project parameters for processing your raw material.

  • Brings our extensive experience as the industry's leading provider of technological solutions to your project
  • Includes a realistic preliminary flowsheet created by an experienced and reliable specialist
  • Offers cost estimates based on specific process attributes and equipment from the start
  • Gives a basis for further engineering work
Process Feasibility Studies


You will receive a straightforward recommendation that includes a value versus cost assessment, as well as recommendations on the most economical and efficient ways to implement the solution.

  • Review of the situation
  • Identification of critical project parameters
  • Conceptual flowsheet development
  • Preliminary cost versus benefit analysis
  • Evaluation of options using different ranking methods
  • Report with recommended direction for moving forward


  • Pre-feasibility, feasibility, and conceptual studies of varying depths
  • Scope of the study is defined according to your process and project phase
  • Study can include capital and operational expenditure estimates, as well as financial indicators such as payback times, IRR, and ROI
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