Metso Full portfolio PROSCON® PCS
Achieve higher performance of your metallurgical plant with the Metso PROSCON® process control system.

PROSCON® process control system is a robust and reliable solution based on Metso best processing practices and over 40 years of experience.

  • Improves operational safety and working conditions    
  • Offers better plant controllability    
  • Comes with a straightforward and hassle-free delivery from Metso experts    
  • Connects easily with Metso’s advanced process control solution
  • Based on Metso Outotec’s process know-how and proven solutions  
  • Single supplier for process technology and process control ensures common goals and clear responsibility  
  • Seamless integration of Metso Outotec’s proprietary equipment into the plant control solution based on the process design 
Proscon PCS

PROSCON® is based on globally well-known automation system platforms equipped with dedicated functions developed by Metso Outotec for control of minerals processing and metallurgical plants. Control application is based on Metso Outotec’s process know-how and proven solutions from similar plants that ensure reaching targeted production and product quality. 

Metso provides solutions for all levels of automation. PROSCON® is utilizing Metso Outotec’s analyzers, sampling systems and intelligent instruments in process management and control. It can be integrated with Metso Outotec’s Advanced Control Solution (Metso Outotec ACT) and Information Management Systems (Metos Outotec IMS). 

Metso PROSCON® process control system can be complemented with field instrumentation and process electrification (MCC) as well as all required project services to ensure smooth commissioning and startup at the plant. 

The customer secures several benefits by having a single supplier for process technology and process control. Most of the information to implement process control comes from the requirements of the process and plant engineering and main process equipment. With the single supplier, there are fewer interfaces, the responsibility is clear and simultaneous engineering of different disciplines is possible. This leads to cost and time savings in project implementation, reduced start-up time and high performance of the running plant. 

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