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PSC Advisor

PSC Advisor

Metso's Outotec PSC Advisor is designed for copper smelting plants operating with Peirce Smith Converters. PSC Advisor provides useful information for operators to stabilize and improve the converting process through advanced simulation results. The PSC Advisor helps to standardize operation between shifts, predict batch endpoints and optimize silica and revert charging, thus leading to more consistent operations and improved process efficiency. Metso’s proven and well-known dynamic mass and heat-balance model is at the core of the system and can be calibrated using process measurements and laboratory assay information. The web-based user interface is intuitive and easy to use.
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  • Improved operator performance

  • Increased throughput of the converters

  • Enabling process predictability and optimization

  • Increased safety and sustainability

  • Seamless integration and service

  • Service with online expert support


Improved operator performance

  • Real time estimates for temperatures, masses and compositions

  • Enhanced quality of information for operator decision making

Increased throughput of the converters

  • Reduced copper losses to the slag

  • Enhanced planning of the production process

  • Optimized usage of process additives

Enabling process predictability and optimization

  • Enables more consistent operation across shifts

  • Advises operator for optimal slag and copper blow

  • Optimized revert consumption

Increased safety and sustainability

  • Less refractory consumption

  • Extended campaign life

  • Consistent operation in safe operating window

Seamless integration

  • Integration library to connect site PCS, Laboratory and Plant Information reporting systems

  • Compatible with any Peirce Smith copper converter

  • Process model can be tailored to each plant

  • Training and commissioning support available to ensure smooth start-up

Service with online expert support

  • Service support available through cyber secure remote tools

  • Process expert support to maximize the benefits of PSC Advisor solution

  • Product expert support for troubleshooting

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