Metso Full portfolio QdX4 Mill Drive
Metso QdX4™ Mill Drive

Metso QdX4™ Mill Drive

Metso QdX4™ Mill Drive provides the next step in the evolution of change in mill drive architecture, while allowing the system to be built with components that are within current manufacturing capabilities.

The natural progression in gear/pinion mill drives

We are essentially providing up to twice the power transmission of a conventional dual pinion drive.  Going from a dual pinion to a quad pinion arrangement is in fact the natural progression to a robust, innovative mechanical solution allowing our customers to move forward with large gear driven equipment to achieve your comminution goals.

  • Robust design: cast and machined housing
  • Helical gear design per AGMA standards
  • Standard input shaft size and keyed couplings
  • Standard pinion bearings
  • Accepts standard input motor/drives: Low speed synchronous or induction motor with variable speed drive
  • Standard foundation base plate design and installation
  • Standard embedded foundation anchor bolts
  • Allows for standard gear/pinion installation and alignment, very similar to traditional dual pinion drives
  • Ring gear is Integrally sealed with the gear guard
  • Cast, fabricated and machined gear guard that allows for oil lubrication recycling
A high powered mechanical solution. Up to 32 MW in horizontal mill comminution
Overall cost savings
  • Foundation design requirements are very similar to dual pinion drive mills
  • Significant time savings in installation and commissioning, leading to quicker mill availability
  • Reduced equipment mass means a reduction in required shipping and lifting/crane capacities
  • Reduction in capital, operating and maintenance spare parts
  • Less complexity, simplifies training and specialized services
  • Standard dual motors comtrolled by variable frequency drive
Overall cost savings
Direct influences applied to the mill drive system
Direct influences applied to the mill drive system

For the Metso QdX4™ Mill Drive system, exhaustive research was conducted to identify all the parameters influencing the entire kinematic mill/drive system.  These were evaluated for both the drive and the mill itself throughout the life of the system, so that no single parameter would be ignored.  The figure beside depicts many of the parameters considered in the overall design that may have combined direct influence on power sharing.

The new high-powered mechanical solution

The Metso QdX4™ Mill Drive was developed in close collaboration with both CMD and Ferry Capitain Engineering as a solution for the mining industry for large mill drives. The Metso QdX4™ Mill Drive features internal torque splitting capability transmitting motor input power to the pinion shaft and equally dividing into two mill pinions. This type of torque splitting gear box technology has been in operation since the early 1960’s. We have rearranged the drive architecture in order to apply high powered transmission to large grinding mills in the mining industry.

The new high-powered mechanical solution


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