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A sustainable alternative to traditional indirect rotary kilns

Metso RotarEkiln is an innovative kiln design which uses a more efficient, zero-emission furnace. 
1200+ rotary kiln installations
120+ years of experience and process know-how
Own R&D Center supporting optimum process design & equipment layout
Experience applying kiln  technology to various  materials: from Coke to Lithium and more 

RotarEkiln: A greener, efficient indirect rotary kiln

Metso RotarEkiln is an innovative kiln design which uses a more efficient, zero-emission furnace. As the name signifies, RotarEkiln is an electrically powered, indirectly-heated rotary kiln, which doesn’t consume fossil fuels.​ For the RotarEkiln, the burner system of standard indirect rotary kilns is substituted by an electric heating system, which utilizes resistive emitters that provide radiative heat transfer to the kiln shell. Metso’s RotarEkiln systems can accommodate shell diameters of up to 5 meters – which makes it the only commercially available electric kiln at this scale.

Possible RotarEkiln applications

  • Lithium acid roast
  • Rare earth acid roast
  • Pyrolysis (carbonization)
  • Low to medium-temperature calcination
  • Drying

Lithium for a greener future

The global battery metals market, such as for Li-ion battery metals, is identified as one of the essential areas to progress with the decarbonization of industry and society. There is a tremendous rising demand for electric vehicles, energy storage systems and more.

For lithium production, there are several different process routes available or under development. The selection of the process route and main equipment determines not only the initial investment cost, but also the operational cost and the Li yield for the coming decades and ultimately the plant’s future competitiveness.

Key highlights
  • An alternative to current ​indirect kiln design​
  • No direct use of fossil-fuels for heat source
  • No CO₂ emissions created​ in furnace
  • More flexibility and control of temperature along shell length possible​
  • >20% higher efficiency ​than traditional fuel-fired indirect kiln​
  • Kiln shell diameters up to 5 meters


The RotarEkiln’s modular heating sections can be designed identically to allow interchangeability and common spare parts. Length increments are catered to each application to offer superior temperature control over fuel-fired designs.

Metso RotarEkiln offers:

  • Interchangable heating modules
    • Spare modules for maintenance procedures​
  • Modularity facilitates precise temperature control
  • Possible emitter bank expansion in field​ to accommodates changes in process demand​
  • Purge air fans for dust mitigation​:
    • Maintains clean furnace environment​
    • Is useful for cooling during shutdown​
  • Fiber blanket seals and shroud insulation promoting high heat retention
Webinar: Turn your rotary kilns green
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Key components

Key components

Hoods at feed and discharge ends of the kiln shell to efficiently control transfer of gases and solids. Special seals between hoods and rotating shell minimize ingress air and maintain required process atmosphere.

Kiln shell is heated externally, therefore selected material must withstand temperature, corrosion, and/or abrasion.

Enshrouding furnace: heating up kiln shell with electric emitters while isolating process gases from environment.

Electric emitters: Resistive heating elements in varying lengths based on voltage supply. The element face temperatures can exceed 1500°C transfer infrared radiation to the kiln shell.

Heating modules with electric emitters, insulation, wiring, and junction boxed for fixed kiln length increments. Easily serviceable, replaceable, and exchangeable.

Heating zones: Modules in series are actuated to maintain a temperature setpoint.

Furnace seals for highest efficiency and protection of elements and personnel.


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