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Screen Filters, TAF Series

Metso Screen TAF Series filters are innovative, easy-to-operate automatic filters driven by an electric motor that activates the self-cleaning mechanism. Available in 2” and 3” models, the filters are made of high quality polymer and cover a filtration range of 500–10 microns and flow rates of up to 50 m3/h (220 US gpm). They are suitable for a wide variety of applications, including water supply, cooling water, and wastewater treatment systems.
  • Automatic flushing according to differential pressure and/or time; optional continuous flushing
  • Flushing does not interrupt downstream flow
  • Low power and cleaning water consumption (less than 1% of total water flow)
  • Electronically monitored cleaning with flexible control options
Outotec Screen Filters TAF Series

The filtering process

Water enters the inner area of the screen cylinder through the filter inlet and flows through the screen to the filter outlet. The dirt particles are trapped on the inner screen surface and form a filtration cake that causes a differential pressure across the screen.

The self-cleaning process

During the self-cleaning process, while filtered water continues to flow, the filter’s exhaust valve is opened and the drive unit spirals the suction scanner back and forth. The spiral rotation of the suction scanner across the inner surface of the screen vacuums the filtration cake out of the exhaust valve.

The control system

The control system consists of an electronic flushing controller, a three-way solenoid valve that controls the filter’s exhaust valve, and a pressure differential switch that senses the pressure differential across the screen and sends a signal to the controller when it reaches a pre-set value (usually 0.5 bar/7 psi).

The self-cleaning cycle begins under any one of the following conditions:

  1. Receiving a signal from the pressure differential switch

  2. Time interval parameter set at the control board

  3. Manual start


The Metso Screen TAF Series filters range consists of electric filters with a 220/110 VAC drive unit:

  • 2” TAF 500 for flow rates of up to 25 m3/h (110 US gpm)
  • 2” TAF 750 for flow rates of up to 25 m3/h (110 US gpm) and higher dirt loads
  • 3” TAF 750 for flow rates of up to 50 m3/h (220 US gpm)
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