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Crushing and screening plant optimization

SiteBooster™ is a complete optimization solution for stationary crushing and screening plants. In a clearly laid-out project carried out by seasoned professionals, we audit the crushing and screening process and equipment of your quarry, and set the goals based on your specifications and budget. Then the upgrade is implemented with minimal interference to the plant production. As a result, your trusty old operation will charge to a new level of productivity – from the day one. 
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Ease of maintenance

Before and after Metso Siitebooster

3 steps to power up

SiteBooster™ enables quarries to upgrade the safety, environmental and financial performance of their existing stationary aggregates plants for today and for the future, without compromising the productivity targets. Metso makes certain all this is done with minimal disturbance to the current crushing and screening operations. Our SiteBooster™ process consists of 3 steps:

Step 1: Audit

  • Complete audit of the existing site, it’s layout and assets
  • Indentifying bottlenecks
  • Definition of what needs to be done

Step 2: Redesign

  • Concrete solution and processes for achieving set goals with minimal downtime

Step 3: Implement

  • Metso expertise and experience at it’s best - implementation of the new design with minimal disruption of operations
  • Equipment
  • Process

During the project

  • One point of contact with continuous and transparent communications
target optimization
Choose from tailored or standard setup

SiteBooster™ can be customized for any requirements.

By opting for a customized upgrade for your stationary aggregates plant, the SiteBooster™ delivery will be tailor-made to fit your specific needs. 

While a custom-made upgrade may require a heavier focus on planning and engineering, you can rest assured that no compromise will be made to achieve the goals you’ve set.

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Expand or upgrade with standard modules
Expand or upgrade with standard modules

By using our pre-designed modules, expanding and upgrading your stationary aggregates plant can be achieved while saving time on planning and installation. 

The standardized modules are based on high-quality and field-proven technology and comply with the strictest safety and environmental regulations (such as CE compliant).

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