Metso Full portfolio Superior™ MKIII primary gyratory crushers Superior™ MKIII 6275UG primary gyratory crusher
Primary gyratory crushers are used in a variety of applications including underground and above ground. The Metso SUPERIOR™ MKIII 6275UG primary gyratory crusher has a compact design with flexible configurations that enables superior results.

Large top size acceptance

Up to 15% larger feed opening than similar sized crushers


Reduced construction height

Lower stations heights and space requirements


Multiple configurations

Split component options for above or underground applications


Crushing process optimization

SmartStation technology for optimal operation and station design

SUPERIOR™ MKIII primary gyratory crusher advantages

Metso's SUPERIOR™ MKIII primary gyratory crusher range was developed from over 100 years of experience. The highly reliable crusher comes from a proven and heavy-duty design, which now has been developed into a more compact and flexible machine for the SUPERIOR™ MKIII 6275UG. 

Higher throughput and capacity

Metso's SUPERIOR™ MKIII primary gyratory crushers have new advancements that bring increased speeds, higher installed power and mechanical improvements. All of these combine to bring up to a 30% additonal throughput for your primary gyratory crusher.

Metso's SUPERIOR™ MKIII primary gyratory crushers bring up to 30% more capacity making this crusher CAPEX efficient.

Reduced downtime

During the development of Metso's SUPERIOR™ MKIII primary gyratory crushers there have been key improvements. New sets of shells and concaves have been implemented after countless hours of research and development. These new improvements to the MKIII primary gyratory crushers brings up to 70% reduction in downtime. 

Bottomshell inspection ports are also facilitating maintenance and inspection. Reducing downtime with the ease and simplicity of maintenance and inspection.

Check out more below about additional benefits the SUPERIOR™ MKIII 6275UG crusher can bring to your operations.

Large top size acceptance
  • Up to 15% larger top size acceptance than comparable size crushers
  • Arched spider to minimize bridging
  • Up to 300% more feed opening area compared to other compact gyratory crushers
  • There is no need for oversized grizzly feeder or grid
Reduced construction heights
  • Up to 20% CAPEX savings
  • Multiple feed point options
  • Advanced controls to reduce vault height
  • Shorter feeding point of crusher
Flexible configurations
  • Ideal for both above and underground applications
  • Multiple shell and spider configurations
  • Compact components to fit into space-restricted areas
  • Wide range of dismantle and transportation options
OptiShell™ system
  • Increase usable lifetime of concaves by up to 40% in single feed point applications
  • Elimination of the requirement for a crane in rotating the top shells and spider to mitigate uneven wear distribution
  • Increase uptime and operational efficiency
  • Significant improvement in operator safety

SUPERIOR™ MKIII 6275UG technical specifications



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