Metso Full portfolio Thomas Simplicity Series horizontal dredge pumps
Thomas Simplicity Series horizontal dredge pumps.

Thomas Simplicity Series horizontal dredge pumps

Heavy duty performance for abrasive materials

Dredging is not a gentle process. Thomas Simplicity Series horizontal dredge pumps are designed for dealing with large, heavy and abrasive materials. Years of experience have brought design improvements that have resulted in products that are built to last and perform, and offer the lowest cost of ownership.

Reduced operating costs

Maximum size and percentage of solids. Most efficient volute and impeller designs.

Minimal repairs and downtime

Speed and power to suit your service conditions.

Easy to assemble and maintain

Equipped with suction clean-out for easy access to inspect pump.

Global expertise, local support

Pumping and minerals processing professionals in over 60 countries in the world.

Thomas Simplicity pumps are rough and rugged solutions for dredging.
Rough and rugged solutions for dredging

Thomas Simplicity Series horizontal dredge pumps are designed for dredging large and abrasive materials. They allow maximum particle size passage while maintaining high efficiency.

The standard pumps can be configured for deck/hull mounting, or ladder/underwater mounting, and in either right hand or left hand rotation.

  • Flow rates from 500 to 10 000 m3/hr – 2 200 to 44 000 USGPM
  • Heads to 75 m - 250 ft

Typical applications

  • Dredging
    • Sand and gravel
    • Contract dredging
    • Tailings
  • Booster pump
  • Sand waste pump
  • Material transfer pump
Thomas Simplicity design features

Long life

Wear parts constructed from high alloy materials.


To meet rugged operating conditions, an oversized, high-strength alloy steel shaft is furnished.

Stuffing box and shaft sleeve

An extra deep stuffing box equipped with a lantern ring gives sealing of the shaft opening. Replaceable shaft sleeve allows for quick maintenance of the sealing surface.


Anti-friction roller bearings are housed in separate radial and thrust assemblies for maximum rigidity and alignment. The bearing frames offer single piece housing and increased shaft size.

Wear adjustment

Adjusting screw allows axial adjustment of impeller, shaft and bearing assembly to compensate for wear, maintaining maximum pump efficiency.

Thomas Simplicity design features.
Thomas Simplicity dredge pumps can be also used in underwater applications.
Underwater dredge pumps

Much like the deck or hull mounted dredge pumps, Thomas Simplicity Series horizontal dredge pumps for underwater applications offer the same powerful performance and operational reliability while submerged.

Underwater dredge pumps are productive tools that take advantage of the pump being in close proximity to the abrasive material. This placement increases performance and production.

Performance beneath the surface
  • The underwater pumps are furnished in the cantilevered design, eliminating the need for case feet. 
  • Bearing housing is solid, eliminating oil leakage at the splits. The three bearing design features two double row spherical radial bearings and one steep angle thrust bearing.
  • Developed for extreme service application. Precision machining on the housing and seal assures excellent performance. 
  • The ArmorLok seal design features a "Metal to Metal" fit between the side liners and the case, eliminating the side liner wedge rubber seal used in previous designs.
  • The knockout ring feature allows you to easily remove the pump impeller, saving time and reducing maintenance costs.
Thomas Simplicity dredge pumps offer performance also beneath the surface.

Thomas Simplicity Series dredge pumps technical specifications


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