Metso Full portfolio TS Series™ banana screens
Metso TS™ banana screens are made for high-capacity screening.

TS Series™ screens

For high-capacity screening

TS Series™ banana screens are fully configurable with options, designed to incorporate any type of screening media for maximal operational flexibility while achieving simple and more safe maintenance. They are applicable for industries such as quarries, gravel pits, mines as well as crushing and screening contractors.

Increased throughput

Combines banana decks and variable elliptical motion

Easy and safe maintenance

Meet high health and safety standards.

TS Series™ banana screens deliver increased capacity without compromising accuracy

Metso TS Series™ screens are triple-slope multi-inclination screens ensuring a fast travel speed with an elliptical motion in the first slope, medium travel speed and circular motion in the second slope, and a low travel speed, backwards rotating elliptical motion in the last section.

A single shaft located above the center of gravity generates the elliptical motion with variable angles varying 25º-20º-15º.

Wide range of applications
TS Series™ screens with its banana scape provide high-capacity screening, and they are configurable for even the most demanding applications.

Commonly used in intermediate or secondary phases, TS Series™ screens can also efficiently produce end-product fractions, especially when wire mesh is fitted. 

TS Series™ screens are applicable for industries such as quarries, gravel pits, mines and mobile screening plants.

  • All screening phases
  • Stationary and portable applications
  • Abrasive rock, soft rock, gravel

More capacity without compromising accuracy
TS Series™ screens deliver more capacity than a standard inclined screen – especially when the feed material contains a high percentage of fines. 

TS Series™ screens combine banana decks and variable elliptical motion, delivering increased capacity without compromising accuracy. The integrated feedbox is very deep and long to allow easy interface with the feed conveyor.

The design provides immediate particle distribution over the first panel row of the top deck. The slower travel speed and strong stratification effect ensures more time and more surface to screen the near-size particles.

Durable screen design
Each shaft line is made of Metso’s unique Modular Vibrators (Metso MV™) being flange mounted to the side walls and synchronized by a cardan shaft. Each MV™ vibrator includes two bearings providing very long bearing life.

The side walls of the TS Series™ screens are weld-free to accommodate the fatigue stress.

Screening panels are key elements in achieving screening performance fast in abrasive applications, and to lower the operational costs.

Metso screening panels are a perfect fit with the TS Series™ screens, and when used, Metso commits to meet the specification of the end products and the panel lifetime.

Easy and safe maintenance
TS Series™ banana screens are easy to maintain. They also meet high health and safety standards. Panel replacement is safe and fast thanks to comfortable room between the decks.

TS Series™ screens' technical specifications

Screening Media Handbook
There is an optimal screening media to maximize the efficiency in every screening application.
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