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TSE Series™ screens

Compact, high performance screening for portable and stationary applications

The Metso TSE Series™ compact horizontal screens are designed to be integrated into tight spaces, both in stationary and portable applications. The standard configuration includes carefully selected features for easy and reliable operation.
Compact size

Transferable at the production site or between sites.

High accuracy

Horizontal decks. High acceleration and aggressive elliptical vibration.

Proven reliability

Excellent in waste screening and in difficult applications.

Perfect fit with crushers

In closed circuit - from Metso or 3rd party supplier

Compact, horizontal screens for reliable classifying

Metso TSE Series™ horizontal screens are ideal for quarries, gravel pits, and crushing and screening contractors.

Compact size

TSE Series™ screens are horizontal elliptical motion screens that are extremely compact. Thanks to their size, TSE Series™ horizontal screens are transferable at the production site or between sites. 

High accuracy

TSE Series™ horizontal screens are able to reach high screening accuracy through the combination of horizontal decks, high acceleration and aggressive elliptical vibration that provides a strong stratification of the bed depth.

Proven reliability

TSE Series™ horizontal screens are usually used to process secondary separations or fine separations.

They are also performing well in waste screening and in difficult applications when the feed is made of flaky particles (pegging challenge) or being sticky (clogging challenge).

The three shaft lines are synchronized by gears to generate a high-energy elliptical motion.

The oil lubricated mechanism has eccentric counterweights creating the wanted stroke.

TSE Series™ horizontal screens are also less prone to fatigue stress thanks to weld-free side walls.

Perfect fit with other equipment

TSE Series™ horizontal screens work well with Metso’s or other manufacturers’ crushers in closed circuits.

TSE Series™ horizontal screens’ technical specifications


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