Metso Full portfolio VASA HD Series horizontal slurry pumps
VASA HD Series horizontal slurry pumps.

VASA HD Series horizontal slurry pumps

For the most demanding applications

VASA HD Series horizontal slurry pumps are designated for the tough applications in the mineral processing industry. The excellent hydraulic design guarantees maximum efficiency throughout the life of the generously sized wear parts.


High efficient. Primarily designed for the most demanding applications within the mineral processing industry.

Easy maintenance

Durable wear parts. The unique slide-base and "back-pull-out" feature minimize downtime for inspection and maintenance.


The slide-base arrangement eliminates the need for separate foundations.

Global expertise, local support

Pumping and minerals processing professionals in over 60 countries in the world.

VASA HD pumps are optimal when higher operating pressure is required.
When higher pressure is required

VASA HD Series horizontal slurry pumps are an excellent choise for applications where the smallest Metso MD Series or X Series pumps are too large.

Furthermore, VASA HD pumps are well suited for when a higher maximum pump operating pressure is needed.

  • Flow rates to 1 000 m³/h – 4 400 USGPM
  • Heads up to 55 m – 180 ft
  • Maximum operating pressure 25 bar – 360 psi

Typical applications

  • Mill discharge
  • Hydrocyclone feed
  • Tailings disposal
  • In plant slurry transfer pumps

The shaft with its oversized roller bearings is assembled in a cartridge type bearing housing which is bedded in a fabricated pump frame.

The stuffing box housing is attached to the same pump frame to assure total concentricity between shaft and sealing arrangement.

The impeller is fixed to the shaft by a taper and a key, assuring safe attachment even at reverse rotation and still providing easy replacement.

The vertically split casing allows operation of up to five pumps in series with standard pumps.

Shaft sealing arrangements are gland packed, water-flushed stuffing box or dynamic “expeller” seal. Both alternatives supported by pump-out vanes on the impeller. The stuffing box version has a double protection against slurry entering.

Design of VASA HD slurry pumps.
VASA HD pumps require less maintenance.
Easy maintenance

VASA HD Series horizontal slurry pumps are protected by wear parts in natural rubber or High Chrome Iron (SHR). In the same casing unit a soft natural abrasion resistant rubber liner or hard metal lining can be assembled.

The parts are completely interchangeable. This means that an elastomer lined casing can for instance be equipped with a high chrome impeller and suction liner to give minimum operating cost. 

The unique “crow-bar operated” slide-base design in combination with the pumps “back-pull-out” feature minimizes down time for inspection and/or replacement of impeller and shaft seal details. Even the inlet liner can be replaced without disconnecting suction or discharge pipes.


The slide-base arrangement eliminates the need for separate foundations.

For overhead motor mounting, a large adjustable motor bed plate is an integral part of the pump frame. Direct couple and reverse overhead are also available motor mounting options.

Motor size

Motor size and drive train components vary with the pump application. Necessary data for calculating pump speed and motor power are:

  • Flow (l/min, GPM or alike)
  • Slurry density (kg/m³)
  • Total discharge head (m, ft)
VASA HD pump installation.
Selection of VASA HD Series slurry pump.
Selection of VASA HD Series slurry pump.

VASA HD slurry pumps technical specifications

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