Metso Full portfolio Ventgas Scrubber
Optimize gas cleaning in hydrometallurgical processing plants. The Vent Gas Scrubber minimizes the atmospheric environmental impact and reduces process losses, while helping to ensure worker safety in the plant.
  • Unifies scrubber selection with Metso process design    
  • Provided by experts with an established history of supplying reliable gas cleaning equipment    
  • Ensures sustainable and safe plant operation
Ventgas scrubber

Gas cleaning scrubbers clean gas of harmful components. These components may be droplets or solid particles. They also may be gaseous components such as hydrogen sulfide. Vent gas scrubbers are wet scrubbers that use water or scrubbing solutions such as caustics to clean the gas. Different scrubber types include:

  • Cascade scrubbers    
  • Venturi scrubbers    
  • Packed bed scrubbers    
  • Spray chamber scrubbers    

We select the correct type of scrubber based on your process requirements, ensuring efficient gas cleaning. Gases are formed in different hydrometallurgical equipment, such as:

  • Reactors    
  • Thickeners    
  • Filters    
  • Other emission sources

Metso can supply the gas scrubber solution as a complete package for easy implementation on-site.

The package may also be delivered as a containerized unit for swift installation with a high level of pre-assembly.

The main components of the vent gas scrubber package include:

  • Gas scrubber and demister    
  • Fan    
  • Pumps    
  • Pump tank    
  • Heat exchangers    
  • Instrumentation    
  • Control system
Spare and wear parts built to perform
Spare and wear parts built to perform

Rely on OEM experts because not all parts are created equal. 

Spare parts for the scrubbers include:

  • Replacement cascade tubes    
  • Random packing    
  • Nozzles
  • Other solution distribution systems

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