Metso Full portfolio VF Series grizzly feeders
grizzly feeders

VF Series™ grizzly feeders

Primary feeders designed for high capacity

VF Series grizzly feeders are designed for mobile, portable and stationary use as well as surface and underground operations for abrasive or soft rock, gravel, slag or other recycling and industrial materials. These feeders are compatible with Metso crushers and many crushing equipment by other manufacturers.

Configurable for a variety of needs

Versatile as standard and customizable if needed.

High performance

Metso VF™ design to increase availability, ease maintenance and improve durability.

Proven reliability

Based on over 100 years of engineering experience.

Compatible with crushers

Optimized for Metso crushers, but work well with other crushers too.

VF Series™ grizzly feeders for cost-efficient performance

Metso VF Series™ grizzly feeders are widely used in mines, quarries, gravel pits, and by crushing and screening contractors with rock, gravel, slag, or recycled, industrial and other materials.

Configurable for a variety of needs

Metso offers an extensive range of grizzly designs with customizable configurations to fit your needs.

VF Series™ grizzly feeders can be optimized through a wide range of options. You can choose an electrical or hydraulic drive, a steel or rubber lining, a vibrating chute underneath the grizzly section, and an automatic greasing unit.

Our experts help you to find the perfect configuration for your application to increase efficiency and lower operational cost.

High performance

VF Series™ grizzly feeders use a strong linear vibrating motion to effectively move material forward.

The feeders have a long stroke capability ensuring better scalping efficiency, especially when feed material contains a high ratio of flaky material.

Particularly with the primary feeds, VF Series™ grizzly feeders are often equipped with Metso’s unique Modular Vibrators (Metso MV™) that are flange mounted to the mechanism beam.

Each MV™ modular vibrator has eccentric counterweights creating the wanted stroke to enable efficient high capacity output. The MV™ design increases the availability of the VF Series™ grizzly feeders’ spare parts, simplifies maintenance and improves durability.

Proven reliability

Based on over 100 years of engineering experience, VF Series™ grizzly feeders are designed for heavy duty operations.

The grizzly sections help to minimize operational costs while maximizing productivity. To ensure a long service life and reliable performance, we also offer an exchange program for Metso MV™ vibrators.

Compatible with crushers

The VF grizzly feeders are optimized to work with Nordberg® C Series™ jaw crushers and Nordberg® NP Series™ HSI crushers to offer seamless performance. However, they can be applied to other crushers as well.   

VF Series™ grizzly feeders' technical specifications

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