Metso Full portfolio Zinc Silicate and Carbonate Leaching Process
Achieve efficient zinc recovery from ores that are not suitable for conventional processing. A significant part of the world's zinc reserves are in the form of zinc carbonate, often containing zinc silicate. Metso's zinc silicate and carbonate leaching process provides high zinc recovery while still controlling silicon leaching and the removal of silica. After leaching, iron removal and solution purification or zinc solvent extraction steps produce a solution suitable for zinc electrowinning with a final zinc product of SHG ingot.
  • Offers efficient zinc recovery when conventional processing is not sufficient    
  • Manages silicon leaching and silica removal with a specially designed process that gives high zinc recovery levels
Zinc Silicate and Carbonate Leaching Process
Zinc silicates leaching
Zinc silicates leaching

Metso has also developed a leaching process for zinc silicate and zinc carbonate ores. Special attention is paid in the design process to the solubility and kinetics of silicates, which offers high zinc recovery, efficient solid-liquid separation and stable process operation. In addition, our tailor-made process solution enables acid consumption to be optimized in leaching and makes processing of this kind of raw material economically viable.

Hydrometallurgical Zinc Plants and  Processes flowchart
Hydrometallurgical Zinc Plants and Processes flowchart

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