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Digital solutions for Aggregates

Metso digital tools help the aggregate contractors and quarry owners to monitor and control the crushing and screening process remotely, adjust the process settings to receive the best capacity, and improve operator safety with remote user interfaces.

Improve performance, production capacity and production quality

Reduce energy consumption, environmental impact, and operation and maintenance cost

Improve preventive maintenance planning and execution

Safer operation with remote control

Extensive benefits

We offer several benefits to aggregates contractors and quarry owners with our digital solutions:

  • By using operational and maintenance data collected from Metso Metrics, we can recommend spares, wears and services for contractors in a cost-efficient manner
  • Our intelligent crushing process control products help ensure the most efficient crushing and screening process
  • With Metso Metrics, the contractors and rental business owners can manage their fleets across sites
  • Complex stationary processes can be automatically optimized by using intelligent sensors combined with automatic process optimization
  • Our extensive knowledge on crushing and screening is encoded into simulation tools such as Bruno, cavity optimization and Chamber Pro
  • With the operational data collected from the crushing processes, we can model and predict failure rates of different equipment and parts. With this knowledge, we can automatically schedule maintenance events and optimize availability without scarifying performance

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