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Lifting tools for primary crusher concaves

Improve safety and production time

Designed to work with Metso concave segments, our special lifting tools for Primary Gyratory (PG) crushers allow you to carry out relines faster and with fewer potentially hazardous lifts. The set includes installation carousels and removal trays.


improved safety
Improved safety

Using a tool specifically designed for the job improves the maintenance safety

increased uptime
Maximum uptime

Lifting your Primary Gyratory (PG) segments is much faster and more efficient when using the right tools

How it works

Instead of working with one concave at a time, the PG lifting tools enable you to remove or install several concaves simultaneously. The removal tray enables you to remove several worn concaves at once. Similarly, the new concaves are pre-installed in the carousel, and the entire concave row (or tier) is moved into the crusher safely at the same time.


  • Improved employee safety due to fewer lifts needed and the use of fit-for-purpose tools
  • Increased uptime thanks to faster liner replacement
  • Backed up by OEM
Unmatched safety and quality

Investment in safety
Using high quality, fit-for-purpose maintenance tools is an investment in the safety of your staff. We have designed our PG concaves installation carousels and trays to minimize your risks. Our experience shows that customers have reduced their injury exposure by up to 95% by using our concaves lifting tools. In addition, they have performed the liner change-out up to 50% faster, translating into increased uptime for their operation.

OEM quality and back-up
The PG lifting tools by Metso meet strict global safety standards. They have gone through extensive product development and field-tests at customer sites. The tools come with detailed instruction manuals, and our experts are there to support you when needed.



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