Chevron conveyor belts.

Chevron conveyor belts

Effectively keep loose material in place, even at steep angles

A flat conveyor belt works fine when conveying material up to a certain angle. However, when the angle gets too steep, material may start to slide off. That’s when you need a chevron conveyor belt. Also known as escort belts, they have a cleated surface that keeps loose material in place, even at steep angles. Reducing the amount of lost material in transit not only increases profits, but also safety and sustainability. The more material that ends up where you need it means less CO2 emissions and efforts to gather more.

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Trellex Escort conveyor belts

Metso’s chevron belt offering is known as Trellex Escort belts.

Material properties

The cleat profiles on our Escort belts are made of the same rubber as the covers and are therefore as wear resistant and durable as the belt itself.

To keep the surface of the belt clean while avoiding damaging its profile, we recommend a Trellex ABC-BRUSH. Made of high-quality, hardwearing nylon, this type of brush is ideal for cleated belts.

Special features

Although most commonly used in the aggregate and construction segment, our range of Escort belts is flexible enough to meet the needs of many different applications.

Their cleats can be V- or U- shaped with an open or closed structure and cleat heights range between 5 mm and 32 mm. If in doubt, Metso’s experts are on hand to help you select the correct cleat type and height for your application.

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Trellex Escort cleat profiles

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