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wear resistant coating

Wear and abrasion resistant coating

Xresist™ is suitable for surfaces subject to high abrasion

Ceramic wear and abrasion resistant coating uses premium components to protect your machinery against friction caused in surfaces subject of high abrasion. Increased resistance to abrasion equals less downtime and thereby better operating results.


Less downtime

Better operating results

Premium composition

Metso Xresist™ is a high density, alumina ceramic bead-filled toughened epoxy system designed for protecting equipment from wear and abrasion caused by handling and processing particulate matter in solid or slurry form. It is ideal for use in transfer chutes, feed boxes, and sumps.


wear resistant clothing

Difference in composition

Metso Xresist™ spherical beads


The spherical beads in Metso Xresist™ pack together tightly, providing superior wear resistance and impact absorption, resulting in a higher tolerance to breaking and cracking. 

Solutions with irregular beads


Products with irregular beads wear unevenly due to the concentrations of crushed alumina. This can also create wormholes that cause premature failure.

Laboratory tests revealed significant improvement


Spin test

Less volume lost = better protection

Grit blast test:

Less volume lost = better protection

Lap shear test:

Higher load = better adhesion

Side impact test:Impact resistance

More energy needed to break = better impact resistance

T-peel test:

Higher load = better adhesion

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