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The stages of processing in a mining operation are interrelated. The performance of one impacts the other. Support is available from short-term solutions aimed at alleviating bottlenecks in one part of the circuit, to conducting full mine-to-concentrate optimization across all or part of the value chain.

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Why consider mining process optimization
Why consider optimization?

Optimization can focus on bottlenecks, downstream impact or adapting to market trends and sustainability targets, depending on your goals:

Increase production

Common during market booms, activities are centered on debottlenecking to improve availability, throughput & recovery.

Minimize costs

Whether for one unit or the entire system, activities include reducing energy consumption, chemical cost, water use & adapting to ore types.

Improve stability

Achieving consistent output is key in each stage, the focus is on reducing variability and stabilizing processes across the plant.

Reduce environmental impact

Enabling sustainability initiatives while maximizing productivity & profitability.

How we drive gains across customer operations

We have a global team of industry professionals who provide expert consulting, laboratory services, hardware and software products to the mining industry worldwide.

Our professionals have extensive experience in addressing challenges such as improving recoveries, de-bottlenecking processes, increasing availability, and sustainably optimizing the overall process. Solutions and capabilities can be performed both in-person and remotely and are scalable from a single crushing circuit to an entire mine-to-port study.

As a team, we are dedicated to the optimization of mining practices and downstream processing of valuable minerals. We are focused on providing guidance, analysis and advanced technology to our customers, ensuring they can maximize the economic benefits of the resources they mine.

Our practical experience, onsite skills and in-depth data analysis with modeling capabilities create an overall picture to help you get the most out of your entire operation.  

Explore our downstream offering presented here from lab and field studies – to commissioning for specific technologies – to process evaluation and optimization.

While it is critical that each individual process runs efficiently, the best results are achieved when each stage is optimized in the context of the whole operation.
Services to suite a multitude of products across your entire operation
Services to suite a multitude of products across your entire operation

Optimization and laboratory services offering

Drill and blast fragmentation assessment and forecasting

Blast design has a big impact on process efficiency and site safety. We use tailored modeling and ore tracking tools to help you develop the optimal blast designs for your operation, resulting in improved rock fragmentation while maintaining safe and stable slopes in your mine.

Achieve optimum run-of-mine (ROM), improve downstream plant performance and save on overall energy consumption.

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Drill and blast fragmentation assessment and forecasting
Ore characterization
Ore characterization

Ore characterization helps build a clear picture of the ore types at the mine and determines how to extract maximum value from your deposit. Ore properties govern the ultimate performance that is achievable in all mining operations.

Achieve improved plant performance and stability with advanced tools and tailored test work programs designed to understand the characteristics and variability of your orebody.

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Commissioning and troubleshooting

Ensure a smooth production start-up and quicker ramp-up to profitability with our commissioning and troubleshooting service.

Get expert support during your project start-up phase wherever you are in the world. Our installation and commissioning experts will help to ensure your equipment performs according to agreed targets.

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Commissioning and troubleshooting
Evaluation and optimization services
Evaluation and optimization services

Improve process performance by identifying bottlenecks and areas for improvement in your circuit.

Our thorough evaluation follows a systematic inspection checklist designed specifically for the process or unit in question. This provides a clear picture of current production performance which identifies potential areas for improvement. We then prepare a recommended upgrade path with solid ROI calculations.

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Metso Life Cycle Services for mining.
Life Cycle Services for mining
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