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Lokotrack® control in excavator cabin

Metso Remote IC is an app for remote process control of Lokotrack® mobile crushers and screens also called Lokotrack trains. With the app, the operator can control and monitor the crushing process from the excavator using one single dashboard – improving productivity and safety at the site.
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Increased safety and productivity

The Remote IC app not only makes work much safer, but also results in a much more productive crushing process with Lokotrack® crushers and screens. Working as an extended monitoring and controlling tool of the existing Metso IC process control system, the app gives operator’s visibility to the main parameters of all the machines in the Lokotrack train, all in one single dashboard. Since the operator no longer needs to step out from the excavator cabin as often, using Remote IC lowers the safety hazards at the site.  

Better control of the process

With an overall visibility of the process, the operator can adjust the feeding for optimal production level. In case of a problem, Metso IC™ process control instantly stops the feeder - thus preventing overloading - and Remote IC alerts the operator on the cause of the stoppage. As a result, this leads to a quicker return to operation. With lower overflow risk, the process can be run closer to the maximum capacity as it helps to avoid process stops. 

Wireless network is established within the site and no cables are needed between Lokotrack machines - making moving the machines easier.   

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Controlled by one, viewed by many 

The process can be controlled by only one user, but it can be viewed by all the people working at the site so that everyone can see how the process is doing. In case of an alarm, they can go and fix the problem and acknowledge the alarm on the IC display. As Remote IC alerts the cause of the stoppage, it is quicker to locate and fix the problem.  

Remote IC not only increases the productivity and safety of the plant, but it can also positively impact the employees’ experience and help attract new skilled workforce


App available on Google Play


Remote IC is an app installed on customerstablet or mobile phone from Google Play. The Remote IC hardware is available for all new Lokotrack models and can be installed as a retrofit to all models that has the latest Metso Metrics installed.

Try the Remote IC in demo mode by downloading the app here

You can also search for the app directly in Google Play Store. Type 'Remote IC' and look for the app with this icon     

To get your Lokotrack train connected with Remote IC – contact our sales today!   

Get it on Google Play

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Less safety hazards and higher productivity
Learn how Remote IC has made work safer and more productive at Maansiirto Väinö Tenkanen.


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