Metso Products and services Services Training Academy Services Certification Program
Services Certification Program

Services Certification Program

Global training certification ensuring OEM quality services

We strive for high quality services with a strong commitment to safety. The Metso Services Certification Program ensures that our service professionals are the very best at delivering high level quality services for our customers‘ respective products and technologies.

Consistent high-quality performance and safety standards

Efficient way of working, lower downtime and cost savings

High level of service knowledge and skills

Access to global experts

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A top tier Global service network

Our global service network is the most extensive in the industry with over 3000 field services professionals, as well as technical support resources and over 40 service centers on 6 continents. We support our customers around the globe with a wide range of installation, commissioning, inspection and maintenance services. Metso has committed to both earn and grow our customers trust in our service delivery by ensuring our personnel have undergone this intensive Services Certification training.

A top tier Global service network
Validated expertise
Validated expertise

The Services Certification is a structured training program with modules designed for specific technologies targeted for Metso’s employees executing service activities at our customers sites. It is a multi-level certification increasing in complexity and competency requirements as our personnel progress through the trainings. Designed in collaboration with our global product experts, our certification program ensures that our personnel have the knowledge they need to deliver the service quality our customers expect. The program includes a wide range of training courses, hands-on-training and thorough assessments of skills to validate their knowledge and competency.

Bridging the knowledge gap

With the Services Certification Program, you can expect the highest quality services from Metso. It does not matter where you are located – all our services employees have a shared understanding of what service, safety and quality means. The Services Certification Program is designed and managed by the Metso Academy, which manages all technical and product trainings globally in the company.


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