Metso MX™ series cone crushers

A giant leap in profitability

Revolutionary Metso MX™ series cone crushers combine the rotating bowl with piston into one crusher. This patented Multi-Action technology translates to lower operating costs, high uptime and consistent high-quality output. Metso MX™ series cone crushers are ideal for secondary, tertiary and quaternary stages in hard and soft rock applications.

+10% more uptime

-10% reduced operational costs

Up to 25% longer liner lifetime

Meet the new Metso MX3 cone crusher. All the MX benefits in a more compact size.
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Metso MX™ series cone crushers

The patented Multi-Action technology optimizes the crusher setting and wear compensation in real time without human action. Both the piston and rotating bowl adjustments are fully automated. 

+10% more uptime

Multi-Action technology allows dynamic setting adjustment and wear compensation without having to stop the process. It also automatically optimizes protection against uncrushable objects.

-10% operational costs

Multi-Action technology enables 10% or more savings in OPEX compared with traditional cone crushers. Savings in wear components, coupled with effective and continuous crushing action, reduce the cost per ton.

Up to 25% longer liner lifetime

Cavity design, stroke direction and an effectively distributed crushing action lead to the ultimate rock-on-rock crushing motion. Together with Multi-Action, this results in extended maintenance intervals, higher production and up to 25% longer liner lifetime.

Selective production

The agile optimization of Multi-Action technology helps to reach the desired end-product shape and particle size distribution while eliminating waste. You can control and automate several parameters. With Visiorock Compact product gradation can be continuously analyzed and monitored, providing instantaneous deviation feedback.

Safe and simple

MX cone crushers are designed with high safety standards. During the crushing operation, all moving parts are inside the crusher. Lifting devices and hydraulic tools make maintenance simple and safe, and backing resins for liners are no longer needed. The simple design enables disassembly without heating any components.