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Message from our VP Hydrometallurgy

Dear readers,

Since our previous Hydrometallurgy newsletter, we’ve entered a new and exciting phase in our operations. We are now a much larger company, Metso Outotec, with a full capability to serve our customers from ore to metal. Along with this, our service capability has increased with more experts close to our customers.

Hydrometallurgy operates as part of the Metals business area in Metso Outotec. Our task remains the very same as before - we continue to focus on developing and providing sustainable process solutions and proprietary technologies optimized for our hydrometallurgy customers. Whilst copper, zinc and nickel are our strongholds with proven technologies like Solvent Extraction and Tankhouse Equipment, we’re also putting more and more focus on the emerging markets like battery metals and free-milling gold, where Metso Outotec has a full offering from concentrator plants to OKTOPTM reactors and agitators. In gold solutions our stronghold is POX and BIOX technologies for refractory gold ores

Currently we are developing battery chemicals solutions and scaling them up to industrial scope, backed up with our extensive R&D and testing capabilities in Pori, Finland. We expect to see some exciting developments soon, especially in the lithium hydroxide field. In battery precursors, we have positive test results with our proprietary technology and are ready to support our customers in this field.

In digital solutions, we are going towards more and more comprehensive solutions. We expect the use of digital twins and process advisor solutions to increase. As we speak, we’re suppling a digital twin to one of our customers to help them in their asset management. Additionally, we can provide simulator training for increasing the operators’ confidence and safety in plant operation.

In case you you’d like to have discussion on any of the above topics or on how to upgrade your process or start a new project, we are within easy reach to change ideas, draw tentative flowsheets and make offers. This also applies to any service needs your plant may have. For contacting your nearest Metso Outotec hydrometallurgy experts, please check the updated [contact list]. LINK 

Feel also welcome to check my new video message, where I share my thoughts on the key trends in hydrometallurgy and what kind of solutions Metso Outotec can offer.

I look forward to our continued partnership.

Mikko Rantaharju
Vice President, Hydrometallurgy business line
Metso Outotec

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