Ensuring optimal recovery

Utilizing highly effective process solutions, Metso provides versatile and environmentally sustainable leaching methods ensuring optimal metal recoveries
Versatile portfolio

Versatile leaching methods suitable for your plant

High recoveries

Industry leading atmospheric and pressure leaching guaranteeing high recoveries

Sustainable solution

Energy and resource efficient leaching process and proprietary equipment

The leaching process

Leaching is the liberation of metals from ores by chemical dissolution, and it forms the basis of most hydrometallurgical extraction processes. The goal is to get the maximum amount of metal dissolved. It is an established and relatively successful method of metal extraction, especially when treating high grade ores.

Introducing Metso leaching technology

Introducing Metso leaching technology

At Metso, we provide versatile leaching methods suitable for your plant: from chloride to sulfate leaching and from atmospheric to pressure leaching. Our metallurgical knowledge and experience enable us to optimize design, process conditions and equipment. We can ensure that metal recovery is high despite limiting parameters.

Metso offers you leaching solutions for greenfield and brownfield plants. The flexibility and adaptability of our technologies ensure that our solution fits your requirements. Health and safety issues are essential elements of Metso leaching technologies. We ensure that our technologies are easy to control and have a low maintenance requirement. Metso’s leaching methods offer you an economically viable solution, which produces high-yield products efficiently.

Core benefits:

  • High metal recovery despite limiting parameters​
  • Versatile leaching methods
  • Economically viable solutions
  • Flexible and adaptable technology
  • Leaching solutions for greenfield & brownfield plants
  • Easy and safe to control with low maintenance ​

Metso leaching capabilities

Our leaching and precipitation plants offer lower lifetime costs, shorter lead times, and sustainable technology, easy to operate and high availability​.




OKTOP® reactors

OKTOP® agitators

OKTOP® autoclaves

Leaching plant core basic engineering

Generic and tailored Geminex™

Courier analyzer

Cooling tower

Ventilation gas scrubbers








Flowsheet development and studies

Kinetic batch testing of leaching

Pilot testing

Metso leaching capabilities
Read the customer case: Calcine pressure leaching – Eti Bakir case study


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