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Metso Metrics: A new innovation from your OEM experts

Take collaboration to a new level. Metso Metrics connects innovation and expertise to each machine, ensuring that your comminution equipment is performing at optimal efficiency. Scroll through this page to learn more or get in touch with an expert now.
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More than the sum of its parts

Technology is valuable, but when you combine it with hard-working equipment, and dedicated OEM expert support - you get so much more.

Combining three elements for data-driven decision making

The equation is simple: Hard-working equipment + cutting-edge technology + people who are committed to your success = your productivity goals met

Metso Metrics provides four levels of insight on your equipment and operations

Analytics on your machines and processes

With timely data, you can set daily, weekly, or/and monthly KPIs. Easily analyze various aspects of your machine – from vibration to crushing efficiency.

Condition monitoring to increase visibility

Keep an eye on the health of your equipment at all times. Our experts have determined not just thresholds for each piece of data, but also how each should optimally interact with one another.

Predictive maintenance through AI

Machine learning algorithms and artificial intelligence are used to detect and predict machine breakages to make sure that process uptime and machine availability are maximized.

Process engineering to maximize efficiency

While preventing unplanned downtime is key, maximizing use when equipment is up-and-running is a major factor.  Metso’s continuous OEM support helps drive down to the real root of issues.

Metso Metrics connects innovation and expertise to each machine

Connected equipment

Over 90 avanced sensors on a single asset, tracking everything  – some that already exist and are built-into the machine and some have been custom designed.

Intuitive interface

Visibility, insight, and action – all in one place. Accessible through any internet-connected device, you know exactly what is happening with your equipment 24/7.

Metso performance teams

What truly brings this is all together are the new Metso Performance Teams, combining global and local expertise. They monitor your assets, speak your language, know your operations – and of course they understand the equipment inside and out.

Increased asset uptime and availability

By continuously tracking the health of your machine and reacting proactively.

Greater energy efficiency

By monitoring inputs and avoiding wastefulness.

Reduced end product quality variability

Through optimization of circuit and operation parameters.

Lower overall maintenance cost

With more planned fixes rather than unplanned overhauls.

“Optimization of existing assets and processes is now key to drive productivity. This is where digitalization really comes into play. With innovative tools, like Metso Metrics, processing plants can make most of the assets they already have in place.”
Jani Puroranta, Chief Digital Officer, Metso

Quick facts

In use at mine sites around the world
Highest level of industrial cybersecurity
Multiple connectivity options
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