Metrics for screens

Monitoring system to support maintenance planning and reduce unplanned downtime

Metrics monitoring for screens is an efficient tool to maximize uptime, optimize screen performance, support maintenance planning and reduce unplanned downtime.

Unique know-how and leading process tools to help you reach your sustainability targets



Running the screen in an optimal way enables increased uptime, and less consumption of e.g. media and spare parts.

Improved safety


Keeps maintenance breaks to a minimum and avoids unplanned maintenance

Maximized uptime


Shorter, well-planned maintenance breaks and less unplanned maintenance enables more uptime

More throughput


More uptime and the expert knowledge provided helps to optimize screening performance, resulting in more throughput

Think of Metrics for screen monitoring as a 24/7 guardian for the screen: It’s an integral part of reducing unplanned downtime and extending its lifespan. More importantly, it optimizes screen performance to help perfect your overall process.
Avoid potential breakdowns
Avoid potential breakdowns

Intelligent monitoring is all about optimizing performance and preventing issues that cause downtime. Metrics Monitoring enables operators, controllers and service professionals to see real-time analysis of vibrating screen performance and bearing condition. If there is a problem, the system alerts, offering a chance to perform the necessary maintenance before a minor issue becomes a major expense.

Clear overview - easy and fast

Metrics for screens is designed for intuitive operation. Easy to read screen dashboard with OEM insights makes it possible to detect issues well in time. The integrated system delivers complete diagnostics, alarms, and history at a glance. Modular sensors are wireless self-powered and easy to use. All components are engineered to be reliable, even in the toughest mining environments.

Clear overview - easy and fast
Time to plan maintenance
Time to plan maintenance

Knowledge about improper motion caused by events such as broken springs, insufficient structural support and/or incorrect run speed, etc. offers a chance to plan the maintenance break, keeping the downtime as short as possible and avoiding unnecessary safety risks.

Optimize the process

By collecting data in real-time, it is possible to get access to fault-finding recommendations and be able to quickly analyze trends. This makes it easy to try different parameter settings in order to optimize the process according to your current conditions and targets. It will also have a positive effect on sustainability as running the screen in an optimal way enables increased uptime, and less consumption of e.g. media and spare parts. Using less parts translates to less waste ending up in a landfill.

Optimize the process
The system has been very useful. Knowing the condition of your equipment at all times is important. It has helped us optimize the process, as we can easily see if the changes implemented have had a positive effect or not. In addition, several potential breakdowns have been avoided. 2021 has been the best year so far, in terms of minimizing breakdowns.
Tuomas Vahteristo, Head of Section Preventive Maintenance at Boliden Kevitsa Mining Oy.
Avoiding major breakdowns with the help of monitoring
Learn how the screen monitoring system has proven its value at Boliden Kevitsa
Check the video
See how Metrics for screens can help you optimize performance, support maintenance planning and reduce unplanned downtime.


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