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Larox® product family

Separates the best from the rest

For more than 45 years, Larox® filters have been appreciated as quality filtration solutions for mining and industrial processes. Today, Metso continues the journey of Larox® filters to set industry standards with innovative products & services that exceed expectations.
Original manufacturer & service provider


Research and development of filters, and related services since 1977

Decades of experience


Long legacy built by talented people and high-quality products

Comprehensive testing capabilities


More than 14,000 tests completed for mining and industrial applications

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Larox history & experience

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Larox services
Our global filtration services team's goal is to make you succeed. We strengthen your operations throughout the entire life cycle of your Larox filter through our diverse and comprehensive service portfolio.
Separating the best from the rest for more than four decades
The Metso Filtration Services team strives to deliver the best possible availability, performance, and quality whilst optimizing costs.

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Industrial filtration
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Industrial filtration

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