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Annual Report 2019 published

"In light of our financials and achievements, 2019 was an exceptional year for Metso. While reaching record results, we also announced business transactions that will transform the company."

Metso in brief

Explore the key facts about Metso. We provide our customers with world-leading products and services built on technological excellence, experience and the highest safety standards. We work in close cooperation with our customers to create solutions that enable them to meet their objectives.


Metso's President and CEO manages Metso's operations with the assistance of the Metso Executive Team. Pekka Vauramo is Metso's President and CEO.

Research and development

Our global research and technology development network actively develops new technologies, products and services to meet our customers' needs. Our ambition is to maintain our technology leadership with cost-efficient and environmentally sustainable solutions that meet our customers' needs.


Our ambition is to become one of the digital leaders in the industries we serve. Our experts work continuously with our customers and distributors to fully embrace the opportunities of digitalization. #DigitalMetso

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