Metso has two financial reporting segments that are Minerals and Flow Control.                         

We publish information about our performance according to a previously announced schedule. Financials pages are updated at the earliest after financial information has been disclosed.

Financial reporting schedule for 2018 is as follows.

  • Financial Statements Review for 2018 on February 6
  • Annual Report and Financial Statements for 2018 on March 5
  • Interim Review for January – March 2019 on April 25
  • Half-Year Financial Review for January – June 2019 on July 25
  • Interim Review for January – September 2019 on October 25

Financial reports follow International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) and all information is presented in euros. Segments' performance is measured with operating profit/ loss (EBIT). In addition, alternative performance measures are used to reflect the underlying business performance and to improve comparability between financial periods: “earnings before interest, tax and amortization (EBITA), adjusted” and “return on operative capital employed for reporting segments (segment ROCE)”. Alternative performance measures are not substitutes for IFRS performace measures.