Risk Management

Risk management is an integral part of Metso’s management system and internal control framework. It aims at assessing risks in a systematic way to facilitate planning and decision making.

Risk management covers all parts of the organization and captures risks from strategic and financial to operational risks, including project-specific risk management processes.

Risk management supports the achievement of Metso’s strategic goals and business objectives. It ensures the continuity of operations and secures Metso’s assets also in changing circumstances. Key risks and opportunities are identified and weighed against business targets, and they are an integral part of the businesses’ long- and short-term planning. In principle, business areas are responsible for their own risk management. The risk management function has the ultimate oversight throughout the company to ensure visibility of risks and risk management activities.

Internal controls help to ensure the reliability of financial and operational reporting, as well as Metso’s compliance with laws, regulations and the operating principles. In addition, they safeguard Metso’s assets and help to ensure effective and efficient operations to meet the strategic, operational and financial targets.

Corporate governance statement 2023