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Jan 4, 2022

Added protection for your most valuable assets brings peace of mind

Anne Hassinen
Anne Hassinen
ISS Solution Sales Manager, Aggregates
Equipment Protection Services provides added protection for your most valuable assets, fixed or mobile. Through our protection solution, it’s easy to gain peace of mind, knowing that your equipment is covered and protected. It limits the financial risks and helps you manage the cost structure by avoiding unexpected cost spikes in parts or services, while keeping your equipment running smoothly at all stages of operations.

In the field, anything can happen. When you are managing a fleet of mobile crushing equipment, often spread out in remote areas or even around the world, maintaining optimal performance for each unit can be challenging. With new equipment, the likelihood of unexpected failures is low, and any required corrective work is usually covered under warranty. However, beyond the standard warranty period, equipment may fail if unsuitable parts are used, or equipment is not maintained in an optimal way. Unexpected risks can cause delays or downtime to production and project schedules, as well as unexpected costs. Unexpected cost spikes due to major component breakdowns may also cause unpleasant surprises to revenue expectations or to overall profitability.

Equipment Protection Solution truly gives you peace of mind if you need extra coverage or can not afford the expense of unexpected repairs after the end of a standard warranty. It is also a great way to maximize your equipment’s resale value with regular inspections and use of OEM parts.
Juha Yli-Petäys, Vice President, Aftermarket Distribution

Three core elements of the program

Our protection solution is built on three core elements. Firstly, an extended warranty program is offered up to 10,000 hours or for five years, for specified major components on designated equipment. This decreases productivity risks by extending the equipment warranty coverage. The second core element is scheduled inspections with Metso Outotec’s trained and certified technicians. This secures the asset value with scheduled inspections and guidance from the OEM experts who understand the equipment inside and out and can catch issues early to prevent downtime. The final core element is our cloud-based solution, Metso Outotec’s Metrics which is designed to maximize equipment uptime. Metrics provides 24/7 access to your fleets operating data and help you identify underperforming assets and take the necessary actions to improve operational efficiency to get the most out of your assets and operations.

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Secured value and performance, fewer surprises, and access to critical data

There are three main core benefits that come with the Equipment Protection Services. The first is being able to secure your asset’s value and performance. By focusing on preventative maintenance, with the use of OEM parts as needed, an EPS solution helps you proactively manage and reduce the risk of machine failure throughout the warranty extension period. Metso Outotec Metrics also helps you track critical service events, so you can plan and further reduce risks and downtime. Protection solutions help you secure the value of your assets.

The second big benefit is that predictable costs lead to fewer surprises. Our extended warranty covers the shipping and repair or replacement costs of major components, minimizing unforeseen spikes in parts or services charges.

Lastly, critical data on your equipment is available at your fingertips. Metso Outotec Metrics is a digital solution that brings you critical insights into your fleet’s performance from anywhere in the world. Metrics provides insights on equipment operations and enables data driven decision making. This takes out the need to guess what is going on and enables the equipment to run smoothly. This allows you to take appropriate actions to improve operational efficiency, and helps you get the most out of your operations.

Reducing risks with expert knowledge

The Equipment Protection Services is designed to bring added protection for your most valuable assets while reducing financial risks by anticipating and minimizing unexpected equipment failures. It helps to proactively manage and reduce risk of machine failures during the extended warranty period. Knowing how your equipment is operating, complemented with scheduled inspections, further reduces the risks, and ensures your equipment or resale value is secured. If something happens, our team of global experts is there to support and find a best solution to fix the issues. Our protection package is all about peace of mind knowing your equipment is protected.

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