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Jun 25, 2024

From waste to wealth: How to turn construction waste into profitability for your operations

Pasi Tulonen
Pasi Tulonen
Product Manager, Lokotrack Solutions
In recent years, the construction and demolition (C&D) industry has been changing a lot. This change is due to a growing awareness of environmental sustainability and the concept of a circular economy. This means we need to manage waste better and use resources more efficiently. By reusing, recycling, and repurposing materials, we can reduce negative environmental impact and ensure resources for the future.
Recycled aggregates Metso

Understanding construction waste 

Construction and demolition activities create a lot of waste, such as concrete and asphalt. In the past, much of this waste has ended up in landfills, harming the environment and using up resources. However, advanced technology has now allowed us to transform this waste into valuable materials. Metso's range of equipment and expertise can help turn your waste into wealth. 

Recycled aggregates Metso
Figure 1: C&D waste streams in US 2018, adapted from (US EPA, 2020) (latest public data). Note: topsoil not included in US statistics.*

Legislation driving change 

Regulations around the world are pushing for more recycling of construction waste. For example, the EU has had a law since 2008 requiring 70% of non-hazardous C&D waste to be recycled, recovered, or reused by 2020. At the first glance, this might feel like a challenging target, but separating materials like bricks, concrete, and iron can make recycling very effective. Once separated, concrete and bricks can be crushed and reused. 

Recycling not only has positive effects on the environment, but it can also lead to cost savings. Recycled aggregates can be sold or reused, minimizing the need to buy new materials. Metso's practice shows that separating stones from recycled concrete can be cost-effective, lowering equipment usage and transportation costs. 

Metso's equipment for efficient recycling 

Metso's equipment, like track-mounted crushers and screens, or stationary jaw crushers and screens, can help make recycling more efficient. These machines are known for their versatility and are designed to handle multiple types of feeds. They also come with features such as dust and noise control, feeding arrangements, and optional equipment.

Recycled aggregates - Metso
Figure 2: Typical production process of recycled aggregates. The red marked phases can be done with one well-equipped mobile crushing plant. Adapted from Silva et al. (2017) and Wang et al. (2021)**

For concrete aggregate waste, Metso's HRC™ high-pressure roll crusher effectively produces high-quality manufactured sand from concrete, resulting in less porous surfaces, and well shaped stones suitable for new cement or concrete production. This sand can be sold at a competitive price. The HRC can also increase throughput and reduce energy waste. 

For asphalt and demolition waste, Metso offers Lokotrack® mobile crushers and screens. Approximately half of all Lokotracks in the field engage in recycling jobs in some phase of their life cycle. These machines are efficient in separating stones from bitumen and other materials. Metso's Lokotrack® Urban™ Series is ideal for urban areas where noise and dust are concerns. Impact crushers, for example Lokotrack® LT1213S™, are equipped with advanced features such as a pan feeder under the crusher, a windshifter for separating lighter materials and a hydraulically adjustable magnet. These features allow them to handle high-capacity demolition tasks with ease. 

Jaw crushers, such as Lokotrack® LT106™, high compression power is required for crushing concrete on demolition sites. These machines feature reinforced conveyor belts and magnetic separators, making them well-suited for demanding demolition applications where separation of materials is crucial. All Lokotrack crushers and mobile screens have user friendly IC process control system ensuring seamless communication when used together with other Lokotracks. In stand-alone applications, multi-use screeners such as Lokotrack ST2.8 have high stroke and a wide range of screening media providing excellent screening efficiency. 

Metso Lokotrack LT1213
Lokotrack® LT1213S™ mobile impact crusher

Metso Nordtrack™ mobile crushers, screens, and conveyors are well-suited for recycling and demolition purposes. Their cost-effectiveness and reliability make them an ideal choice for recycling contractors. 

Nordtrack™ jaw crushers work best on tougher applications and are ideal for short-term contract jobs where productivity matters. Nordtrack™ horizontal shaft impact crushers, such as Nordtrack™ I908S or I1011, work most effectively on C&D waste and concrete recycling jobsites. Due to the wide selection of different blowbars, they can handle tougher and more hard-wearing applications such as asphalt crushing. Nordtrack™ scalper screens can work on more versatile roles on the jobsite – from pre-scalping to more robust end product screening. Nordtrack™ end product screens are strong-build units for effective final product screening –whether it is aggregates, topsoil or mulch, coal or C&D waste.  


Nordtrack J90 mobile jaw crusher
Nordtrack™ J90 mobile jaw crusher


Metso offers innovative products and a sustainable vision, transforming waste into wealth. This journey involves both environmental responsibility and economic prosperity. Partner with Metso today to turn trash into treasure and make a positive change in your operations. 


* Source: US EPA (2020) ‘Advancing Sustainable Materials Management: 2018 Fact Sheet’. Available at Advancing Sustainable Materials Management: Facts and Figures Report | US EPA

** Sources: Silva, R.V., de Brito, J. and Dhir, R.K. (2017) ‘Availability and processing of recycled aggregates within the construction and demolition supply chain: A review’, Journal of Cleaner Production, 143, pp. 598–614. Available at:

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