Metso Full portfolio Lokotrack® mobile screens Lokotrack® ST2.8™ & ST2.8E™ mobile scalping screen
Lokotrack® ST2.8™ & ST2.8E™ mobile scalping screen

Lokotrack® ST2.8™ & ST2.8E™ mobile scalping screen

For scalping sticky material

Lokotrack® ST2.8™ & ST2.8E™ mobile scalping screen makes the scalping of sticky recycling material look easy. The design principle has been simple: to optimize capacity in demanding scalping and to minimize unprofitable time on site.

Fast set-up time

Ready for screening in minutes.


For top soil, demolition waste and river gravel. Can be fine-tuned for sand applications.

Power grid or diesel fuel

Change with a flick of a switch.

Expert support

Parts and service available through Metso's worldwide network.

Lokotrack® ST2.8™ & ST2.8E™ mobile scalping screen can be set-up in minutes

Lokotrack® ST2.8™ & ST2.8E™ mobile scalping screen is often used as primary scalper in top soil and natural sand applications. It is suitable in multistage crushing processes to split the products between secondary and primary crusher.

The scalping screen is fed by the excavator, wheel loader or conveyor. The feeder lifts the material to two-deck screen which then separates material to oversize and side conveyors. With two-way split option the top and bottom deck material can be combined to the oversize conveyor (fines removal).

Fast set-up time

Lokotrack® ST2.8™ & ST2.8E™ mobile scalping screen is ready for screening in minutes thanks to hydraulically operated conveyors and screen including a patent pending feeder mechanism. It is also lighter than similar machines making the transportation easier.  


Lokotrack® ST2.8™
Biggest throw on the market

The stickier the feed material, the more throw needed in the scalping screen. Lokotrack® ST2.8™ & ST2.8E™ has the biggest eccentric throw on the market to make it the best unit for the screening of top soil, demolition waste and river gravel.

Additionally, ST2.8™ & ST2.8E can be fine-tuned even for sand applications. The clearance under the screen has been increased by 20% and the bottom deck area made larger as well.

ST2.8E™ powered by electricity

The Lokotrack® ST2.8E™ is equipped with e-Power that gives you twice the choice for your business. Plug it to the grid for quiet, emission-free and economical scalping in the cities, and enjoy the flexibility of modern low-emission and low noise diesel engine out in the wild.

Learn more about Lokotrack® e-Power hybrid crushers and screens

Lokotrack® ST2.8E™.
Lokotrack® ST2.8™.
70% less hydraulic oil with 20% more power

We have significantly reduced the volume of hydraulic oil together with introducing the new, low emission Stage V engine. The lower hydraulic oil volume is achieved by the renewed design of the hydraulic oil tank and oil circulation. This means that you can use less oil but keep the same maintenance interval. With separate pumps for screen and conveyors there is even 20% more power compared to previous models. Great improvements towards more sustainable screening!

Easy to operate

The fuel-efficient scalping process can be started with safe push buttons or by the optional Metso IC™ process control system.

In multi-stage crushing processes, the removal of fines is easy with a two-way split option. This feature combines material flow from the first and second deck to the main conveyor and maximizes the capacity and efficiency of the crushing process.

Lokotrack® ST2.8™.
Expert support
Expert support

Belt feeder and chevron belts are standard features of Lokotrack® ST2.8™ & ST2.8E™ mobile scalping screen.

Lokotrack® ST2.8™ & ST2.8E™ mobile scalping screen’s spare parts, wear parts, and service are available through Metso’s worldwide network.

Optimum crushing results

The Metso IC™ process control system optimizes crushing results. It allows one-button start and stop, with built-in troubleshooting and a variety of parameter selections. All Lokotrack® mobile crushers in the same crushing process can be connected to the Metso IC™ system. In addition, the entire process can be conveniently monitored and controlled from the excavator's cab using the Metso Remote IC application for remote process control.

Optimum crushing results
Electric screening saves 10 liters fuel per hour
Metso ’s Lokotrack® ST2.8E achieves significant savings at Tverås Maskin in Norway

Lokotrack® ST2.8™ & ST2.8E™ mobile scalping screen's technical specifications

The first models of the new Lokotrack® EC range are out now!

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