Mar 14, 2024

Unleashing value: utilizing waste piles at aggregate sites with Metso’s Nordwheeler NW8HRC crusher

Jarno Pohja
Jarno Pohja
Director, Portable Solutions
To meet the rising demand for sustainability, enhanced process adaptability and increased capacity, Metso has introduced Nordwheeler™ NW8HRC, a portable HRC 8™ crusher designed specifically for producing manufacturing sand. Read our export blog on how it can benefit your operations.

In crushed aggregates production, up to 30% (rock dependent) of materials gotten from the bedrock are reduced to sizes smaller than 4 mm, meaning they end up as waste. Transforming this non-saleable waste product into valuable resources is a persistent challenge for quarries worldwide. The scarcity of natural sand is also a global issue. HRC 8™, included in Metso's Planet Positive offering, has impressive energy efficiency, using up to 50% less power than other technologies while delivering equivalent net product volume.  

Jarno Pohja, Director of Portable Solutions within Metso's Aggregates business area, expresses pride in being the pioneering global aggregates equipment manufacturer to introduce a portable high-pressure grinding roll (HPGR) crusher for sand manufacturing. With Nordwheeler featuring HRC 8™, this crusher stands out as one of the most efficient options for producing manufactured sand, providing a sustainable alternative by replacing natural sand in concrete and asphalt production.

“The Nordwheeler NW8HRC crusher can be towed inside the pit and between quarries periodically for re-crushing waste piles," he explains. Nordwheeler portable plants are powered by electricity. On wheel-mounted chassis they are quick to setup without heavy concrete foundations. In many cases, a crushing permit is easier to get for a portable plant compared to a stationary plant.  

"Nordwheeler portable plants are equipped with the IC™ process control system. This intelligent automation maximizes crushing efficiency and enables complete remote control of the machines. Automatic process control enhances productivity, elevates product quality and ensures consistency in the final output,” Pohja continues.

Automatic process control enhances productivity, elevates product quality and ensures consistency.

Making sure your equipment is performing to its potential can be challenging. Metso Metrics is a cloud-based telematics solution that gives you detailed information about the performance of your equipment. Collecting and analyzing this data increases your assets' uptime, leading to higher production output and improved predictive and reactive maintenance. Access the powerful data of your entire Metso aggregates fleet through one Metrics portal: mobile, portable and stationary crushers and screens. The benefits include: 

  • Real-time data that is available 24/7 on web-enabled devices 
  • Advanced real-time troubleshooting 
  • New features that are continually developed as Metso’s R&D team is always innovating based on demand.
Nordwheeler™ portable crushers and screens
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