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NW Rapid™ Portable crushing and screening plants.

Portable crushers and screens

Nordwheeler NW Rapid™

With Nordwheeler™ portable crushers and screens you can start crushing in weeks instead of months. You can move the plant to a different location within 1-2 years, making it easier to get a crushing permit.
Six new Nordwheeler™ crushers to the NW Rapid™ range
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Up and running in weeks instead of months

The aggregate producers who can deliver aggregates on-site, or in the surrounding area of construction sites, have a notable competitive edge. This is because they can offer the construction company significant savings in aggregates transportation costs - not to mention the environmental benefits.

As the name suggests, with Nordwheeler NW Rapid portable crushers and screens you can start crushing rocks in weeks instead of months. 

Pre-designed for fast delivery and quick set-up

Nordwheeler NW Rapid™ portable plants are made to deliver a faster return on investment. 

This is possible because of the pre-designed crushing stations, ready-made plant layouts and flowsheets, and machines that are designed for quick set up time. They are mounted on wheels and can be re-located by towing with a standard truck in the site – also called pit portable - or as road transport between crushing sites. Because of the wheel-mounted chassis no heavy concrete foundations are needed for the plant.  

Nordwheeler offering includes aggregate crushing and screening plants for 250 and 500 tonnes per hour capacity. 

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Powered by electricity
Powered by electricity

The modular design of the crushing stations makes the plant extremely adaptive. You can add modules to existing worksites or modify your equipment to serve different production needs.

All Nordwheeler portable jaw crushers, portable cone crushers and portable screens are powered by electricity. This makes the operation more sustainable, especially when using renewable energy source. Electrically operated units are easy to maintain, and their operational costs are significantly lower than diesel-driven machines. In addition, when grid is not available, servicing a single large diesel generator on the site is less demanding than service multiple diesel engines in each unit.

Process control and remote use as a standard

Process control is a standard feature in Nordwheeler portable plants. It optimizes, monitors and controls the crushing stations. The IC control system also includes a Remote User Interface (RUI) with no extra license cost. You can control the entire process with a PC from the control room. No additional programming or software is needed as the RUI is displayed on a browser.

A remote process control increases the safety of the employees since the process can be adjusted from the control room without stopping it. Automatic process control increases productivity and preventive maintenance, while at the same time improves the quality and consistency of the end product.

process control
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