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May 5, 2021

11 million kilometers by car: Advanced Process Control lowers carbon footprint

Resource-efficiency has always been the driving force for the technology development in Metso Outotec. It has been achieved by a thorough understanding of metallurgy and decades long experience in engineering. The very rapid development in modelling and computing has, however, generated a stepwise improvement in process control. The modern tools, like Process Advisor, that support operators or run plants independently create also large and quantifiable reduction in the carbon footprint.

Life-cycle assessment (LCA) is a methodology that allows the estimation of the environmental effect of a product or a process. Certain standards and guidelines exist for consistent results. Metso Outotec has adapted a simulation-based approach to LCA. It means that process models are created with HSC® flow sheet simulation tool. The required inputs and outputs are extracted from the model and linked to environmental databanks to ensure high-quality data.


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One calculated example of a nickel smelter demonstrated that the use of Process Advisor was able to lower the annual CO2 emissions 1-4% depending on the raw material and operational capability taken as a reference level. The reduction of emissions is from both lower direct fuel consumption and less electricity required for oxygen production. This corresponds to 11,000,000 km driven with a personal vehicle. At the same time, profitability increased so both economical and environmental benefits were achieved simultaneously.

The example shows that when extensive modernization are not feasible, continuous improvements in current operations, like the use of Process Advisor for better process control, are able to generate substantial reductions in the carbon footprint.

To discuss how Metso Outotec could help you calculate and minimize carbon footprint, please contact Mari Lindgren, Director – Research and Development, Smelting BL


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This article is part of our Smelting Newsletter Issue 1/2021. Visit the issue front page for all articles and greetings from Jyrki Makkonen, Vice President of Smelting business line.

Metals refining
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