Metso Full portfolio HSC Chemistry LCA Evaluation Module

LCA Evaluation Module

LCA Evaluation module is a new feature of HSC that is capable of calculating the environmental impact of a reactor, section or total plant developed in the HSC Sim module.

LCA Evaluation Module

Complete recycling chains can be simulated and their environmental impact evaluated, since HSC Sim enables the simulation of interconnected processes.

Below is an image of a furnace and the LCA evaluation tool that extracts all input and output flows of the furnace and produces a normalized input-output dataset of consistent mass and energy balance data. Finally, the LCA tool maps all flows into a format that can be exported to GaBi.

The LCA Evaluation mapping tool pairs flows from HSC Sim to equivalent data in the GaBi database. The exported GaBi plan can then be used in GaBi to perform an LCA analysis using all GaBi’s functionalities. Data can also be exported into Excel format, from which it can then be imported into other suitable LCA software.

LCA Evaluation Module
LCA Evaluation Module


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