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Jun 26, 2024

Maximizing tailings efficiency: 14,000 tons of tailings with Larox® FFP3716 hole-less filter cloth

Sergio Calil
Sergio Calil
Senior Manager, Tailings
Jason Palmer
Jason Palmer
Vice President, Tailings and Water
Wondering how to improve your tailings processing? Metso’s Larox FFP3716 filter is our optimized solution for tailings filtration, and it has been exclusively designed for tailings processing. Read how you can optimize resources and minimize environmental impact.
Metso Larox FFP3716

As mining processes encounter lower head grades and more complex ores, they are producing increasing amounts of tailings. Tailings dam failures threaten the mining industry’s financial and social license to operate, and while rare, there is a need to change the way tailings are stored. This change in expectation for the safe storage of tailings is driven by governments, investors, and local communities.

The mining industry has responded by developing a global industry standard on tailings management to meet the objectives which requires some change to the current practices. Tailings filtration is not the only solution for improving tailings storage, but it is one that gives excellent outcomes in the right conditions. Filtered tailings do have advantages — by removing water, stored tailings are more stable and resistant to static liquefaction, and closure is generally simpler and faster.

As a part of the Larox® FFP filter product family that offers three unique sizes, the Larox FFP3716 is the largest and most optimized option exclusively crafted for tailings processing in the Metso filtration portfolio.

Larox FFP3716 answers to customer challenges

Every day, customers face significant challenges that the Larox FFP3716 filter can effectively address. One of the primary concerns is safety and environmental issues caused by vast tailings ponds. The filter provides a solution by producing dry tailings that can be safely stored through dry stacking, or transported for further processing. This innovation not only mitigates environmental impact but also enhances operational safety. One of the other key challenges on many sites is limited water availability. The Larox FFP3716 offers a practical solution by allowing the filtrate from the tailings filtration process to be reused. This conserves water and enhances the efficiency of the overall operation.

Another challenge in many operations is the limited availability of space or the additional investment cost required due to the large footprint of equipment. The filter addresses this issue by offering the highest production rate relative to its footprint in the market, allowing for more efficient use of space and reducing the need for costly expansions. The Larox FFP 3716 is designed to seamlessly integrate to Metso’s filtration islands which reduce the overall implementation time if customers are looking to go directly into full island solutions.


Metso filtration plant unit

Optimizing resources and minimizing environmental impact

Being a part of Metso’s Planet Positive portfolio with a focus on resource optimization, the Larox FFP3716 filter is a trusted solution for the industry's growing volume of tailings and water scarcity challenges. Dewatering and dry stacking tailings help minimize environmental impact and risks associated with tailings storage facilities. A significant advantage is that our Larox FFP3512 and Larox FFP3716 models feature hole-less filter cloths. What does this mean for you?

  • No filling shoes are required to be mounted on the cloths, leading to reduced downtime and lower maintenance costs
  • The filter can handle ~ 14,000 t/day of course/sandy tailings and ~ 10,000 t/day of fine/clay tailings
  • Increased availability resulting in more tons per hour
  • Lower air consumption during air drying is due to eliminating bypassing on the filling shoe
  • Hole-less cloths are simple to install, maintain, operate and remove
  • The hole-less cloth design guarantees consistently low cake moisture

In addition, upscaling to the Larox FFP3716 filter presents multiple advantages, including fewer installed equipment requirements. This results in reduced parts handling and labor costs and increased filtration area per installed footprint. As certain customers encounter water restrictions, pressure filtration emerges as a viable solution.

Metso has equipped the Larox FFP3716 filter with local data collection for in-depth analysis, extending to hydraulic operations to reduce equipment wear and enhance component lifespan. The Metso Metrics platform seamlessly integrates with your existing Distributed Control System (DCS) or Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) and offers real-time online visibility into the health and performance of your equipment. This platform empowers one of our state-of-the-art performance centers to identify potential issues using advanced data analytics remotely and proactively before they escalate into costly equipment failures, unplanned downtime or productivity losses.

Metso Larox FFP3716

Redefining filtration with the Larox FFP3716

Harnessing a significant boost in total filtration capacity and drawing upon our extensive expertise, the Larox FFP3716 employs an optimized plate pack design. This strategic approach minimizes wear on plate pack and cloth components while facilitating convenient spare parts management. It is based on Metso’s industry leading plate pack design, redefining overall standard in reliability, capacity and safety. The upgraded slurry inlet design eliminates the necessity for handling feed shoes, thereby boosting reliability and cutting down on operating expenses.

Our tailings services offer a complete solution spanning from initial investment to the entire plant life cycle, ensuring that mining companies receive customized solutions in line with their sustainability objectives. In the growing demand for larger mines, the Larox FFP3716 showcases how sustainable mining is not only possible but also economically viable. That’s why, together, we are your partner for positive change.


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