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Oct 23, 2023

Metso Contender™ Series solutions in action: premium spares for non-Metso crushers

Mikko Harakkamäki
Mikko Harakkamäki
Global Product Manager, Contender Series Spares
Don’t own a Metso crusher, but looking for Metso quality solutions? Enter: Metso Contender™ Series, premium spares for non-Metso crushers. We sat down with Global Product Manager, Mikko Harakkamäki, to discuss specific examples of how Contender™ Series demonstrates unrivaled expertise in maximizing crusher performance, longevity, sustainability and operational efficiency.

In today’s mining industry, the crushing sector thrives on innovation – an area where Metso has a long history of advancements. As a leading provider of comprehensive crushing solutions, Metso has consistently delivered exceptional value to its customers. Boasting the largest installed base of crushing equipment, we saw an opportunity to utilize our breadth of knowledge to support our customers that extra mile.

Contender™ Series is a relatively new quality part offering made for non-Metso crushers. These parts are engineered to seamlessly fit and perform with premium third-party crushers from brands such as Sandvik, FLSmidth and ThyssenKrupp.

“Contender Series was established to fill in the gap,” says Mikko Harakkamäki, Global Product Manager, Contender Series Spares. “Customers know our history with their crusher models, and they were coming to us for an offering – so we created our own.”

Contender™ Series not only brings improved safety features and extended operational life, but also highlights the significance of using a company with OEM know-how. With a wide global presence, unrivaled availability and a commitment to sustainability, this offering allows customers to experience the unparalleled support and service that Metso can provide.

“By also supporting 3rd party equipment, we step away from being ‘just a part provider,” says Mikko. “We can now truly work as partners and solution suppliers, and provide next-level parts and support to our customers even when their machines are not 100% Metso.”

By addressing vulnerabilities and ensuring the protection of critical components, Contender Series delivers high reliability and prolonged operational performance. Read more below on a couple of common challenges within the industry, and how Contender Series solutions can elevate your equipment.

Contender Series answers to the most common challenges with dust seal rings

Traditional plastic dust seal rings are prone to rapid wear and can cause detrimental effects on mating parts. The constant movement of these rings generates heat, causing them to soften over time. As they soften, dust particles penetrate the ring, transforming it into a grinding element that accelerates wear on expensive capital components like the dust collar and the supporting retaining ring.

Additionally, the use of plastic materials, such as polyurethane, in these rings raises environmental concerns due to their non-biodegradable nature and limited recycling options. Current rings, from other OEM or 3rd party providers, are using these plastic materials. Metso, as an OEM committed to continuous improvement and sustainability, has developed an innovative solution to address these challenges.

Metso's wooden dust seal rings not only outperform plastic rings in terms of durability but also offer compelling sustainability benefits due to being a renewable resource.

Metso's wooden dust seal rings not only outperform plastic rings in terms of durability but also offer compelling sustainability benefits due to being a renewable resource. These solid rings are composed of compressed laminated wood made from select rotary cut beech veneers that are coated and infused with synthetic resin. Following the application of the resin, the veneers are assembled into a pack and pressed under high pressure and temperature to form a unique laminate material with excellent technical properties. When it comes time for disposal or recycling, wooden rings can be efficiently utilized as combustible waste material, minimizing their environmental impact.

On top of that, the wooden ring's extended lifespan - which is significantly longer than traditional OEM solutions - results in reduced material consumption and energy requirements. By eliminating the need for frequent replacements, Metso's solution contributes to significant cost savings for customers while reducing their ecological footprint.

Contender Series tackling challenges with mainshaft assemblies

The reliability of non-Metso mainshaft assemblies has been a source of concern for many customers. These critical components often suffer from various issues such as fatigue cracks due to poor shaft shapes, fretting cracks caused by head movement against the shaft, inadequate designs that inadvertently cause harm during maintenance, or simply the use of inferior materials. Considering the high cost and the intricate engineering required for its creation, finding a reliable solution for a mainshaft assembly manufacturer is paramount.

We believe that everything starts with proper material. Metso uses top-quality forged alloys, ensuring exceptional strength and longevity, even in the coldest operating conditions. For smaller mining crushers, Metso employs a patented 2-piece forged design that effectively mitigates fretting issues, reducing fretting by up to 70% compared to many other solutions. In larger mining crushers, Metso utilizes a superior 1-piece forged design that eliminates fretting altogether.

In the case of 1-piece mainshaft designs, careful consideration is crucial to prevent upper journal breaks, which can occur if the shapes are not designed correctly or if the journal is left vulnerable during maintenance procedures. Specifically, torch-cutting the burning ring away from the mantle poses a risk as the flame can harm the shaft journal, potentially leading to shaft cracks in that area.

To mitigate these risks, Metso has developed a specialized mainshaft sleeve that serves as a protective barrier, shielding the shaft from damage during maintenance activities. We have also removed the mantle tightening nut threads from the shaft and transferred those to the sleeve instead. This design adjustment significantly extends operating time for the shaft. Placing the threads on the shaft creates excessive stress on the journal, increasing the likelihood of cracks and accelerating thread wear, so the new design mitigates this issue.

Repairing threads on the shaft is not only costly but also may not even be possible in all places. Considering the substantial weight of the shaft - ranging from 70 to 100 tons - repairs become a highly specialized undertaking. With these enhanced features and safeguards in place, Metso has crafted a range of exceptional mainshaft assemblies for valued customers.

Contender™ Series not only brings improved safety features and extended operational life, but also highlights the significance of using a company with OEM know-how.

Benefits that go beyond performance

Due to our history and expertise, when Metso services or supplies parts, we apply our own OEM expertise and R&D towards making the parts better. We do not just aim to replicate performance - we leverage our R&D and aim to exceed. By using our latest know-how, innovations and patents in Contender Series parts, it is very easy to gain significant lifespan increases compared to current OEM’s solutions.

”That's the key on how our parts last longer and are more sustainable and safer,” says Mikko. ”We are adding lifting points and operational differences, making them easier to maintain, and that's giving the biggest impact.”

With Contender Series, Metso's unique OEM know-how goes beyond simply understanding how the mating parts should function together and the specific elements and features that contribute to their seamless operation. It extends to comprehending the intricate interactions between parts, even when they are not physically in contact with each other. By choosing Metso, customers can protect their investment, lower their risks and reach the full potential of their crushing operations. With our high availability and decades of expertise, Contender Series makes it possible to achieve those successes while at the same time decreasing the environmental footprint. That’s why, together, we are the partner for positive change.

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