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Dec 10, 2019

Lower risks by replacing multi-brand crusher parts with one brand

Optimized maintenance is a key competitive advantage for an aggregate producer. Dealing with multiple service providers and brands can become a significant risk as response times, quality and inventories vary across suppliers. For crushers, it’s the spare parts that ensure operational uptime; they enable the crusher and the process to keep on going. Would it be beneficial to have one premium partner to provide parts and services for all your crushers? We say it is something to consider, but only with the right partner – here’s why.
Contender Series crusher spare parts.

Lower risks with proven know-how

For us, quality is not limited to parts’ features, but it means also our readiness to provide extended support when needed. Non-OEM part suppliers might have the capability to provide a certain missing part to the crusher, but is it of the right material? The exact right design? These things can’t be guaranteed, and the risk of malfunction in operation or additional servicing can start to climb if a sub-optimal supplier is used. We combined our expertise and heritage as the pioneer in many crusher technologies into a premium series of crusher parts for non-Metso crushers, the Contender™ Series. These parts are made to ensure an exact fit and they can be counted on to perform.

Another thing to consider is the warranty. If the part doesn’t live up to expectations, an OEM manufacturer like Metso has a strong warranty program in place. With a warranty, the risk of unplanned costs for the crusher operator is minimized, and the performance is followed up on in a timely manner. Also, a partner like us with a strong footprint and background has more capabilities available to ensure that the right part, no matter which one it is, is in stock when needed. We have large inventories quickly accessible and are not limited to certain parts only.

It is an economical decision to choose a partner, not only a supplier

One of the main advantages of centralizing the maintenance activities of multi-brand crushers, including parts and services, is cost savings. Instead of dealing with multiple interfaces, aggregate producers can have one point of contact to take care of everything. That is our mentality, to provide a partner solution to our customers instead of just parts and products. It makes the planning a lot easier and makes the service more efficient, which helps in increasing the uptime and thus – as time is money – increase the profitability.

Getting ahead of the performance and sustainability game with enhanced crusher parts

Sometimes, it might be enough to have the part replaced with the same solution but there could still be room for improvement in terms of performance. Contender™ Series spares are not limited to standard solutions as we incorporated multiple innovations in the design. In some cases, materials and safety aspects have been improved to enhance the durability and sustainability of the parts. These innovations aren’t accessible from part providers solely focused on replicating the existing ones.

For example, the enhanced spider bushings for non-Metso crushers are strengthened to have a longer than original operational life to help performance under the toughest operating conditions. Its material has a high residual value when recycled, compared to more traditional materials. Another example is the enhanced dust seal rings, which experience less wear on mating steel parts and less surface contamination from dust and particles due to the self-lubricating design and characteristics of the materials selected. We haven’t been limited to the conventional ways of doing this but have used upgraded metallurgy and for example enhanced wood materials in our design for the dust seal rings.

Sustainability should be considered in all steps of the way, from start to finish. We use certified beech from Europe as the base for our wooden components. Safety is improved by providing part features such as additional lifting lugs and also for example by providing a specialized lifting tool for Metso-made mantles for third-party crushers. Most importantly, your operations become sustainably efficient with one partner that can be trusted to be there now and also in the future.

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