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Oct 20, 2021

Screens: how can amplitude interfere with screening?

Many factors contribute to the clogging of screens. One of them is the amplitude of the screen.

When you have large openings, the material can aggregate there as it goes onto the screen panels, because the screen doesn't have enough power to distribute the material out. This is why the amplitude of the screens must be analyzed to understand if this is the cause of clogging.

Industrial screening: analyzing screen amplitude

The balance between high and low amplitude works like this: if your screening is throwing material out, you have high amplitude.

And to know if you have a very low amplitude, you can see that when a stone is stuck in the opening when you turn off the screen, you have no difficulty removing the stone from the opening as it is not stuck. In this case, with a bit higher amplitude the problem can be solved.

Industrial screens: contact Metso Outotec

To help you make sure that you don’t have low efficiency due to the screen amplitude and to ensure amplitude is optimized for your process, contact our experts. They can help you configure the screen to the amplitude that your process requires.

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