Oct 17, 2022

Diego's 10-year journey at Metso Outotec

Diego Moreno is a Site Account Manager, responsible for Iberia customers in Spain. His customer-orientation and knowledge of the industry speak for him. He has built his expertise of the industry through the various positions he has been in over the years. Currently, his job includes a lot traveling and meeting with customers; thus, customer in center is the principal value in his work. Read how Diego perceives his work at Metso Outotec and how he balances his work and personal life.

Diego Moreno started in our company ten years back. He is Spanish and grew up in Madrid along with his parents and sister. Diego was always a restless and active child, inquisitive and interested in many things. From his childhood, his interest in chemistry (something that was easily given to him and he liked very much) and his parents' advice led him to follow engineering studies. Already at university, he was a responsible and applied student. Then, at the age of 21, he made his first student exchange to the city of Karlsruhe in Germany. He spent a little over a year there, and during that time, he enjoyed the new possibilities that these experiences brought to him.


For Diego, being a part of Metso Outotec means collaboration, commitment, support, and communication.

He is very comfortable in the organization as he has an excellent relationship with colleagues and feels very supported by them.

"After Metso and Outotec merged in 2020, we have had new projects and technologies to master. But, we are a great team, and we share our expertise in different products from legacy companies."

Diego has had the opportunity to travel a lot during his professional career, thanks to the engineering, commissioning, and ramp-up of the projects he has been involved. Some of the places he has worked are Argentina, Brazil, Arabia, South Africa, and Egypt. He built his background and knowledge about our customers through various positions in the industry. Thus, he is very confident in taking care of our customers and developing his expertise at Metso Outotec. 


Customer in the center is the principal value for Diego facing his current role.

"Introducing our products and technologies to the customer while explaining that we will take care of their projects is a very fulfilling relationship that we have to build day by day and meeting by meeting.

With our customer's trust, we must be sure that Metso Outotec can lead their projects to success. And this is where we have to be confident."

Today, he lives with his wife María José and their daughter Claudia in Sevilla and confesses that he is very comfortable and used to a small city. Diego enjoys the mix between office work and projects, for example, visiting customers on-site. Apart from his work, Diego has some hobbies. Swimming twice a week and his love for history are part of them. In fact, he writes a blog about world history and American colonization, which is a topic he is really interested in.