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Jan 31, 2024

Job rotation at Metso - Kayla's experience

Multiple professional development studies have consistently highlighted the advantages of employees switching roles to create a more dynamic learning environment. Our approach to the job rotation concept is straightforward: we aim for transparency, we wish to create more development opportunities and fully leverage our investments in talent. We see these rotations not just as transitions but as purposeful steps toward organizational and individual excellence.
Kayla Dewar, People Operations Development Manager
Kayla Dewar, People Operations Development Manager

Kayla Dewar, has started this awesome journey of knowledge, growth, and new challenges in her new rotation – a People Development Manager, Her goals are to enhance transparency, promote development opportunities, and maximize investments through job rotation.

In the beginning, Kayla learned about this opportunity via HR channels and wasn't hesitant to apply.

This opportunity represented a gateway to a facet of HR that Kayla had long desired to explore but hadn't previously had the chance to delve into.

In her previous role as a Compensation Manager, Kayla oversees all tasks related to paying on a local level. This includes handling global mobility for the United States, hence she has a good understanding of both local and worldwide factors.

I wasn’t sure I would qualify and was concerned about what it meant for my current position. Leslie and Debbie, my supervisors, supported my growth completely and encouraged me to seize the opportunity.
Kayla Dewar, People Operations Development Manager

“One of the most impactful things that attracted me to the position was being able to gain an understanding of global processes and decisions made at an HQ level.”

“I hope to learn as much as possible and make an impact on some of the tools and process improvements we are working on.”

The opportunity to work in Finland offers Kayla more than just professional growth. It's a chance to forge deeper professional connections with colleagues and engage in face-to-face collaboration, which can significantly enhance team dynamics and efficiency.

“My trips to Finland are great opportunities to get to know my colleagues better on a personal level and to have on-site interactions. I also hope to develop my technical skills in our systems as well as my presentation and training skills.”

In the role of People Operations Development Manager, she shifts to a global focus. Here, the job involves managing the technical side of the recruitment system and making it more optimal. Unlike the local focus in the Compensation Manager role, this position deals with challenges and details on an international scale.

A few examples of the tasks are uploading the salary ranges, or playing a big role in testing tool functionality for salary planning. These global projects provide Kayla with a unique view, letting her understand decisions made globally and actively contribute to projects that affect Human Resources worldwide.

Dealing with global changes comes with its own set of challenges because the global work scope sets up diverse learning initiatives for Kayla. This experience has, once again, highlighted the importance of including many voices and keeping an open mind. In a global context, decisions are complex and need collaboration, understanding, and flexibility from many perspectives.

On a personal level, this work adventure has been a chance for personal growth. Learning new things every day, experiencing different cultures from around the world, and occasional travels have all added up to rich experiences of a job rotation. Exposure to different aspects of Human Resources globally has not only improved professional skills, but it has also allowed Kayla to further develop herself.

“The biggest benefit for me has been being able to better understand decisions made on a global level and be able to work on projects that can impact HR globally. There are a lot more stakeholders of varying opinions when you are trying to make global changes, so diversity & inclusion are always emphasized here in Metso.”