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Mar 11, 2024

Madeleine Anundsson – The Order & Delivery Manager who loves skiing & simplifying processes

Madeleine Anundsson is the Order & Delivery Manager for pumps in Sala, Sweden. She is managing the team responsible for customer orders and planning of pump equipment as well as spare parts. Aside from her academic background with a master’s degree in Engineering, Madeleine is a mother of two and an avid skier. In this blog post, we will learn more about her role, her passions, and her achievements.

Madeleine’s Journey at Metso 

Madeleine joined Metso in 2018 as Warehouse Manager. In 2021, she switched to her present role as the Order & Delivery Manager for pumps in Sala, Sweden. The team is responsible for customer orders and planning of pump equipment and spare parts. They are a team of 14 professionals working closely with the production, sales, and engineering departments within pumps in Sala, Sweden. 

Madeleine has a Master's degree in Engineering and a passion for production and logistics. She says that she likes the production environment, she enjoys being close to the products that Metso manufactures. “My background is in the production industry and logistics; it has always been my first choice in my career. I like the production environment. As a person, I’m passionate about simplifying and clarifying processes. I want to know what expectations I have for myself at work and therefore want to do the same for my team,” Madeleine describes. “It fills me with so much joy to meet committed colleagues every day. I love working for a global company that gives you the opportunity to grow and to develop,” she continues. She is proud of the good results the team-building activities have led to, and to see colleagues growing in their roles. 

Continuing to Learn and Grow 

Madeleine describes herself to be committed to her tasks, and eager to see and understand the bigger picture. “I ask questions when I don’t understand, because if I don’t understand, I won’t perform well. My manager provides me with valuable support that helps me shape my role and team interactions,” she says. Her ambition is that her team should feel joy at work every day. 

This year, she would like to learn more about the pumps industry, to understand how the products manufactured by Metso are used in real life. “The key to developing is by showing interest and commitment, and by engaging yourself in the things that you want to know more about. People are only happy if you ask questions about their work,” Madeleine says.  

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It’s a huge industry, there are so many different opportunities within different business units in a global company. It gives you the possibility to try other tasks. At Metso, development is always encouraged.
Madeleine Anundsson, Order & Delivery Manager

Life Outside Work 

Madeleine is married with two children, age seven and nine. They live on a farm, and Madeleine enjoys farm life with her horses, cats, and dogs. She might get a goat also in the future. In her free time, she loves skiing and traveling with the camper van. You will most likely find her at a ski resort, throwing herself downhill at high speed. She loves seeing new places, that’s why the family have a camper van – it gives them the freedom to choose when and where to go, to follow the snow you might say. Having kids also means a lot of logistics, taking them to karate lessons is one example. 

This year will be an exciting one for Madeleine, as she has just been appointed as one of three mentees at Metso to the International Women in Resources Mentoring Programme (IWRMP). The IWRMP is a globally recognized, cross-company program with participants from over 25 countries.  It aims to support and empower women in the mining industry, helping them to advance their careers, navigate professional challenges, and build confidence for leadership roles. Madeleine is proud to be appointed and can’t wait to the start in April.