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Aug 9, 2023

Meet Aleksanteri, Hydrometallurgy R&D Trainee

Aleksanteri moved from Espoo to Pori for his traineeship and ended up enjoying both Pori and Metso. Through this experience, he gained independent working skills and self-confidence as a professional in the field of hydrometallurgy.

Aleksanteri Kupi works as Hydrometallurgy R&D Summer Trainee at Metso Research Center in Pori. He is a master’s student in Aalto University School of Chemical Engineering under the Sustainable Metals Processing major. Aleksanteri found Metso familiar and interesting, as it is a prominent player in the metal industry and largely visible at university fairs. Therefore, Metso as an employer is something that he wanted to experience. There were many open positions in his field but finding an R&D traineeship is quite rare. Being able to combine his lab skills, theoretical know-how and process simulation experience was a perfect match. In addition, Aleksanteri found the team’s focus on battery metals fascinating, as it is a hot topic in the metal industry.

At Metso, there is a good combination of autonomy and cooperation, but help is available whenever needed.

Combining independent work and supportive collaboration

According to Aleksanteri, there are no routine days at the office, but they are all different. His main tasks include writing lab instructions, analyzing results, planning new experiments and tasks related to HSC process simulation. “Sometimes the work involves being a detective. Problem-solving and collection of data takes a lot of time,” he says. The work is challenging and requires a lot of independent thinking, which Aleksanteri finds new, but fun compared to his previous summer jobs. However, even though the tasks are challenging, there is enough time reserved for each task. “If there is something you don’t know, you can always ask the “wizards”, my team members. One day I want to become a wizard in my field as well, someone who is easily approachable, knowledgeable and always able to help others.” 

At Metso, Aleksanteri feels respected for who he is. His opinions are valued and the team members bounce ideas off one another. “My manager even asks me if this time would be suitable for a meeting -- which it of course always is. This small gesture speaks volumes about Metso’s appreciation of the employees’ time,” Aleksanteri explains. He finds the Metso culture flexible, with the possibility to work both from the office and home and sees Metso as an employer focusing on equality. 

Aleksanteri explains that his independent working skills and self-confidence have evolved during the summer. “In the beginning of the summer, I often asked my supervisor to double-check things, but now I manage to work more independently. It’s nice to feel that I know something, as I am already halfway through my master studies. I now feel more confident that I can do this thing, not only at school in the lab or exercise sessions, but for real,” he reflects. “At Metso, there is a good combination of autonomy and cooperation, but help is available whenever needed.” 

Be the early applier and do not shy away from moving to a different city for the summer!

Networking with people from diverse backgrounds

Pori has been Aleksanteri’s home for the summer. He describes the atmosphere as chill, curious and welcoming. Metso culture is diverse with different nationalities, which Aleksanteri finds fun, as you get to learn a lot from various people with diverse backgrounds. Coffee breaks are spent together with people from every research team at the Research Center and Aleksanteri appreciates these networking opportunities. After a summer at Metso, Aleksanteri will continue to write his thesis for Metso, thanks to the great opportunity that came his way. 

Aleksanteri encourages anyone seeking for a traineeship opportunity to apply for a position at Metso. “There are tens of positions, but you should narrow down to the most interesting ones and the ones most applicable to your studies”, he says. Having a general template, listing your strengths, studies and past work experience is convenient, but tailoring it and focusing on the position you are applying for seemed to work for him. “Be the early applier and do not shy away from moving to a different city for the summer!” he encourages. Aleksanteri is glad he got the experience at Metso and hopes to continue his journey with the company after graduation.

Article written by Amanda Lindberg, Summer Trainee, HR.