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Mar 23, 2018

LL Company Oy increased its capacity and fuel economy, as well as expanded the service lives of wear parts

“The investment into Metso’s new Lokotrack LT220D was well worth our while. We have increased our capacity, improved our fuel economy, and also achieved longer wear part service lives,” says Lauri Lintunen, managing director of crushing contractor LL Company Oy from Tervo, Finland.
The sun shines and stone is crushed. In the 0–16 mm grade, which is presented here by Lauri Lintunen, managing director, the cube shape is just right.

The company’s crushing team has been hard at work with the unit for some nine months and almost 3,000 hours.

“The LT220D consumes 20–25% less fuel than our older LT1100 cone crusher and screen plant, even though it generates more than 50 metric tons more of crushed stone in the same amount of time. There seems to be more crushing stone against stone in the GP220 crusher, which means that the wear parts will last for some 20,000 metric tons more,” Lauri Lintunen adds.

More than 3,000 metric tons of stone crushed per day

The temperature of -20°C and the icy wind in the morning did not deter the morning shift of LL Company when they started the double-stage plant consisting of the Lokotrack LT110 and Lokotrack LT220D in March at Suovanlahti in Viitasaari.

Material is fed from the gravel pit bench to the jaw of the LT110 jaw crusher, where it is crushed with the 70 mm setting to be further processed by the LT220D. The crushing and screen plant first separates fines from the crushed stone and then the GP220 makes the boulders smaller with a setting of 19 mm and stroke of 36 mm.

“The average capacity when making the 0–16 mm grade is some 200 metric tons per hour, which means that two shifts will create some 3,000 metric tons of crushed stone. The screen of the LT220D seems very efficient, which means that unnecessary fines do not enter the crusher.”

The new LT220D consumes some 35 liters of fuel per hour.

The three-deck screen of the LT220D, sized 5.4 x 1.5 meters, carefully separates fines before crushing.


Annual goal: half a million metric tons

LL Company aims to create around half a million metric tons of crushed stone per year. The company operates in Eastern and Central Finland.

“Our principle is also serving small customers and getting the work done well the first time round. In addition to contracting, we deliver stone from our own quarries to customers in the Savonia region.”

“We perform daily maintenance, mantle replacements, and oil changes ourselves. We turn to Metso when we have something to ask about process adjustments, for example. There is a Metso maintenance-man just around the corner in Siilinjärvi,” Lauri Lintunen says.

Parent company established 70 years ago

Lauri Lintunen’s father Kauko established Kuljetus Lintunen Ay in Tervo 70 years ago. His son Keijo continued to run the business, and Lauri in the third generation was one of the founders of LL Company, which specializes in crushing, in 2013.

Kuljetus Lintunen started the crushing business in the 1980s with Lokomo’s 90 series, model 128 cone crushers.

LL Company’s first double-stage plant consisted of a Lokotrack LT105 jaw crusher and an LT800 fine crushing plant. As the business expanded, the machines were replaced with an LT110 primary crushing plant, an LT1100 crushing and screen plant, and finally a compact LT220D last summer.

The temperature of -20°C and the icy wind do not deter the crushing team of LL Company.

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