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Nov 5, 2020

Recovery improvement at Constancia mine with a single flotation center launder upgrade

Upgrading the last three e300 TankCells with a center launder resulted in significant recovery improvements and enhanced process control. The results indicated a weighted recovery increase of 0.70% for Copper and 1.40% for Molybdenum. The incremental cashflow resulted in a payback period of less than 6 months.

Optimizing the froth surface area throughout the flotation circuit has a critical impact on the process performance. Launders are an essential part of any flotation cell and with the correct design and orientation for a specific application, optimal performance can be achieved.

Metso Outotec and Hudbay worked together to improve rougher flotation performance at Hudbay’s Constancia site, located in southern Peru.

One of the challenges our customer was experiencing was the lack of overflow in the last cells of the rougher flotation circuit which needed to be improved. This was directly impacting the Copper and Molybdenum performance.

The solution consisted of upgrading each flotation line with Center Launders in the last three e300 TankCells.

Installation of Center Launders took place in two stages: The first set of three Center Launders were installed in rougher Line 1 during June 2019 and the second set of three Center Launders were installed in November 2019. This allowed for metallurgical evaluation regarding Copper and Molybdenum recovery in Line 1 relative to Line 2.

Flotation Center Launder Upgrade
Substantial improvements in froth generation and froth collection

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