Metso Full portfolio Flotation Center Launder Upgrade
Mining Magazine awards 2021 winner
Voted winner of the Services and Support category for the center launder upgrade project conducted at Hudbay Minerals, Constancia site.
The Metso center launder upgrade can deliver substantial improvements in a key aspect of the flotation process: froth recovery. In order to secure maximum flotation performance, both collection zone recovery and froth recovery need to operate efficiently.

Upgrades that improve performance to help you reach your sustainability targets

Improve performance


Achieve higher froth recovery and higher concentrate mass pull

Improve existing cells


Achieve optimal performance with the correct design and orientation 

Increase recovery


Collection recovery and froth recovery operate efficiently to obtain maximum recovery

Higher quality


The adjusted froth area recovers more valuable material & reduces loss to tailings

  • Improved metallurgical performance
  • Maximized mass pulls
  • Improved concentrate recovery
  • Robust and flexible
  • Thicker, stable, productive froth with enhanced flow control
  • Easy to upgrade existing cells
Flotation Center Launder Upgrade

Both collection recovery and froth recovery need to operate efficiently to obtain maximum recovery. 

Collection recovery involves combining slurry, air, and chemical reagents in a tank and agitating them to create bubbles that carry valuable materials to the surface. 

The froth must be promptly collected to the launder lip to maximize froth recovery.

Optimal flotation recovery is achieved when these two processes work efficiently in harmony.

The Metso center launder upgrade is composed of three parts:

  • Center launder
  • Outer crowder
  • Froth cone

Each tailor-made for your site to address your specific conditions.

The center launder radically reduces the froth transport distance to the launder lip.

A shorter transport distance enhances the likelihood of froth overflowing the launder lip.  The longer the transport distance the more likely the bubble is to burst, resulting in the valuable material sinking back to the bottom of the tank, and being carried out with the tailings.

The new froth cone and outer crowder maximizes froth recovery and creates a thicker, more stable, and more productive froth.  Both the cone and crowder push the froth towards the center launder.

This is especially important near the end of the circuit, after all the fast floating and well-liberated particles have been reported to the launders.

The Metso center launder adjusts the froth area produced by the equipment in each cell, resulting in higher froth recovery and higher concentrate mass pull, and higher recovery throughout the circuit. The cells recover more valuable material reducing loss through the tailings.

This is achievable through current equipment with no additional operating expenses in the form of water or reagents. 

Improved recovery in the flotation circuit is possible through one positive, sustainable, and efficient upgrade.

Find out how our center launder upgrade resulted in a 0.70% higher Copper and 1.40% higher Molybdenum recovery at Constancia mine here.

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Our center launder upgrade delivers substantial metallurgical improvements

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Constancia mine center launder upgrade panel discussion
Take a deep dive into the details of the center launder upgrade at Constancia mine with Metso flotation experts and Hudbay's Vice President of Technical Services, Peter Amelunxen
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